Every Gen 1 Pokémon That Still Has Signature Moves

Only a handful of Pokémon have retained their signature moves since the days of Pokémon Red and BlueThis is due to other Pokémon also acquiring the move, or the move being removed from the series entirely.

Signature moves are special attacks that initially belonged to a single Pokémon or its evolutionary line. There were lots of examples of signature moves in Pokémon Red and Blue, but they slowly dwindled over time, as more Pokémon were added to the franchise and started using them. Some Gen 1 Pokémon only had their signature moves for a single game, like the Ekans line losing Glare, or the Oddish line losing Petal Dance.


Only two Pokémon lines have retained a signature move from Gen 1, though some came close. The Exeggcute line would have had Barrage, but it was taken out of the series entirely in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Porygon would have had Conversion and Jynx would have had Lovely Kiss, but new members of their evolutionary lines were introduced in later generations that could also learn those moves.

Kadabra/Alakazam’s Signature Move – Kinesis

Kadabra and Alakazam have a signature move called Kinesis. They couldn’t learn this move until Pokémon Yellow, but it has been a part of their repertoire ever since. The move is referred to as Spoon Bend in Japan, and the name change was probably to avoid issues with Uri Gellar, similar to the the kind that stopped Kadabra from appearing in the Pokémon Trading Card Game for decades. Kinesis lowers the opponent’s accuracy by one stage. It can be combined with a Z-Crystal in Pokémon Sun and Moon to turn it into Z-Kinesis, in order to also raise the evasiveness stat of the user.

Cubone/Marowak’s Signature Move – Bonemerang

Cubone and Marowak (as well as Alolan Marowak) have had access to a signature move called Bonemerang since the days of Pokémon Red and Blue. They also had another signature move called Bone Club, but that was removed from the series in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Bonemerang is a multi-hit move that strikes twice, which means that it has the ability to overcome the F.E.A.R. strategy, where the opposing player tries to survive with one hit point using Focus Sash, then uses Endeavor followed by Quick Attack to KO the player’s Pokémon.

It’s likely that the only reason Cubone and Marowak have retained their signature move is that they are one of the few Pokémon that have a weapon built into their design. In their case, it’s because they use bones as weapons, and no other Pokémon added to the series has had anything similar. If the day comes when The Pokémon Company adds another bone-wielding Pokémon to the series, then they might pinch Bonemerang from the Cubone line.

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