Every Version of Robin Gets a Perfect Chibi Makeover in New DC Fanart

Superhero sidekicks in DC Comics are a dime a dozen, and one of the best ones to ever do it, The Dark Knight’s Boy Wonder, Robin, has had more than a few people don the mantle over the years, with a new set of fanart showing off each of their individually unique costumes in a chibi-style that makes them cuter than ever!

Posted on the official Instagram account of DC Comics artist Dustin Nguyen (@duss005), this creative mind has been a staple in the comic industry for quite some time. Working on various Batman-related titles in the past, Dustin has also found success utilizing his signature watercolor art style in other projects such as Descender, Ascender, and the most recent series, Little Monsters — all three in collaboration with award-winning writer Jeff Lemire.


A kind of art style that sees characters drawn in unusually stubby, short, or exaggerated ways, Robin getting the chibi treatment meshes well with a role that’s traditionally filled by a young person of impressive skill and ability. A staple sidekick to Batman regardless of the person holding the mantle, Robin has transitioned from being a hero who was once poked fun at for their looks and actions into a badass vigilante that fans can’t get enough of.

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A set of chibi art pieces that depict each iteration of Robin from the very beginning, Dustin kicks things off with Dick Grayson’s version of the character, complete with his green pixie short shorts, collared yellow cape, and ruffled hair. Moving onto Jason Todd next, Dustin keeps the Robin costume mostly the same, with Jason’s slightly different hairstyle and patented frown making all the difference. Illustrating Tim Drake thirdly, this fan-favorite Robin changed his look up the most from previous incarnations of the character, with Dustin really honing in on the sleeker, darker, more modern design that Tim is known for.

Inserting a drawing of the short-lived but no less respectable Robin next, Stephanie Brown’s take on the character sees her put her own flair on Tim Drake’s iconic look, with Steph getting a skirt and headband combo that looks even cuter when given the chibi makeover. Finishing things off with the current Robin, Batman’s son, Damian Wayne, Dustin nails Damian’s more standoffish nature while successfully chibi-izing his ninja-like hooded cape look, one that has served him well in the years since his controversial first appearance.

So while most of these Robins have moved on to bigger and better roles within the ever-growing Bat-Family and overarching DC Universe, seeing them together complete with a cute chibi redesign is a treat that fans of every version of the character can appreciate. Robin is a role that has evolved a lot since his inception, so here’s to more variations and improvements on a character that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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