Everything Season 5 Reveals About The Origin Of Cobra Kai Dojo

Warning: SPOILERS for Cobra Kai Season 5New facts about the origin of the Cobra Kai dojo and Terry Silver’s (Thomas Ian Griffith) master plan are revealed in Cobra Kai season 5. Triumphant at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament and now in sole control of Cobra Kai, Silver implemented his scheme to take over all karate in the San Fernando Valley. But Terry is thinking much bigger than Southern California, and he has an eye on a global expansion of Cobra Kai, which season 5 establishes is something the pony-tailed billionaire has wanted since 1980.


Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai season 5 plan unfolded like clockwork. Even before Cobra Kai won at the All Valley – which Silver ensured by bribing the referee so that Tory Nichols (Peyton List) would become the first female All Valley Champion – Terry already began building new Cobra Kai dojos around the Valley, including a state-of-the-art flagship facility in Encino. Combined with a slick marketing campaign, Silver quickly bought every other dojo in the Valley and absorbed them into Cobra Kai – and this included their students like Devon Lee (Oona O’Brien), who ended up joining the black and red snake dojo. Finally, Silver invited representatives from the Sekai Taikai to the Valley in order to enter Cobra Kai in the most prestigious karate tournament in the world. Terry also promised the Sekai Taiki penetration into the United States market, which always eluded the international organization.

Of course, when Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) got wind of Silver’s plan thanks to John Kreese (Martin Kove), they entered Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate’s students into consideration for the Sekai Taikai. This led to a competition that saw all three dojos win entry into the international tournament. Cobra Kai season 5’s main story retcons the origin of the snake dojo, weaving in a plot point from The Karate Kid Part III with the revised origin of how the young Kreese (Barrett Carnahan) and young Silver (Nick Marini) founded Cobra Kai after the Vietnam War. Cobra Kai season 5 offers a clearer picture of how Kreese and Silver’s dojo began and what Terry’s ultimate dream for Cobra Kai is.

How John Kreese And Terry Silver Learned The Way Of The Fist – And From Who

Cobra Kai season 3 established the young Kreese and Silver first became aware of the Way of the Fist in Vietnam. Their abusive commanding officer, Captain Turner (Terry Serpico), learned the Way of the Fist — a brutal system of karate called Tang Soo Do — from Master Kim Sun-Yung (Don E. Lee) during the Korean War. Master Kim trained many American soldiers and other students in the Way of the Fist, but his methods were frowned upon by other karate senseis, including Sato Toguchi (Danny Kamekona), a Miyagi-Do master sensei in Okinawa.

Cobra Kai season 5 shows a flashback to 1980 when young Kreese and Silver traveled to Korea to train with Master Kim after Vietnam, and the American soldiers were watched by Master Kim’s young niece, Kim Da-Eun (Sarah Anne). At this point, Kreese and Silver already opened the Cobra Kai dojo in the San Fernando Valley and began training kids and teens in the Way of the Fist. But Silver and Kreese gained a greater understanding of what would become the Cobra Kai style of karate under Master Kim’s personal tutelage.

In The Karate Kid Part III, Terry Silver told Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki “Pat” Morita) that his sensei was Master Kim from Korea. LaRusso was stunned to learn that Master Kim was, in fact, a real person since he assumed Silver lied about that the way he lied about nearly everything to “Danny Boy.”

Terry Silver’s Plan Was Always A Global Expansion Of Cobra Kai

Terry’s scheme to take the Cobra Kai dojo global in Cobra Kai season 5 is a reworking of his original The Karate Kid Part III plan to take over all karate in the Valley. However, Cobra Kai season 5 retcons Terry’s expansion plan so that the young Silver always had his eye on making Cobra Kai the dominant form of karate for kids all over the world. In Cobra Kai season 5, episode 7, “Bad Eggs,” the young Silver tells the young Kreese about the Sekai Taikai for the first time, and he showed him a karate magazine about the world’s most prestigious karate tournament.

Kreese shot down Terry’s big dreams of expansion, opting to concentrate on his Cobra Kai dojo in the Valley and his most promising student, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Back then, Terry always followed Kreese’s lead, so he acquiesced to his best friend, But Cobra Kai seasons 4 and 5 revealed that Silver always resented Kreese, and he put his plans to expand into effect as soon as he stole Cobra Kai away from John and sent Kreese to prison.

Terry Silver Made A Promise To Master Kim Sun-Yung

There’s another layer to why Terry Silver is so intent on Cobra Kai’s global expansion: He made a promise to Master Kim Sun-Yung that he would bring the Way of the Fist to the masses. For decades, Master Kim’s system of karate was condemned and shunned for its brutality. When Master Kim Da-Eun (Alicia Hannah-Kim) and the Way of the Fist senseis accepted Terry’s offer to join Cobra Kai in order to ready his students for the Sekai Taikai, Da-Eun reminded Silver of his promise to bring her uncle’s karate “out of the shadows” and onto the world stage. Cobra Kai’s expansion via the Sekai Taikai is more than Terry Silver’s dream, it was also meant to be the fulfillment of Master Kim Sun-Yung’s vision to make the Way of the Fist the most popular form of karate in the world via Cobra Kai.

Why Cobra Kai Was Always About Johnny For Kreese – And Still Is

In contrast to Terry Silver’s big dreams of taking Cobra Kai worldwide, expansion was never of interest to John Kreese. Instead, Kreese only cared about his Cobra Kai dojo in the Valley, and one student in particular: Johnny Lawrence. Kreese first told Silver about Johnny when they trained with Master Kim in 1980; in Cobra Kai season 5, Silver taunted Johnny that he “never saw” what it was Kreese saw in his favorite student. In reality, Kreese always saw Johnny as the son he never had, and he loves Lawrence in his own twisted way. Everything Kreese has done since he returned at the end of Cobra Kai season 1 was aimed towards his own vision of the two Johns, Kreese and Lawrence, running Cobra Kai side-by-side.

At the end of Cobra Kai season 5, Terry Silver’s arrest and the exposure of his criminal acts have seemingly put an end to his dream of Cobra Kai winning the Sekai Taikai. The international tournament is unlikely to want anything to do with the disgraced sensei or his dojo. It remains to be seen if Kreese will actually dream bigger and take over Cobra Kai again in order to enter it into the Sekai Taikai under his guidance. Based on the new information about Cobra Kai’s origin in season 5, it’s not likely unless Johnny Lawrence is somehow involved and runs Cobra Kai with Kreese once more.

Cobra Kai Season 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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