Everything That Has Been Revealed About The Masked Singer Season 8

The Masked Singerseason 8 premieres on September 21, and there are exciting changes, thrilling guest stars, incredible costumes, and exhilarating performances coming up. Hosted by Nick Cannon, The Masked Singerseason 1 premiered on January 2, 2019, and has since become one of the most popular reality singing competitions. Throughout the competition, celebrity contestants sing while wearing costumes to conceal their identities. The panel of judges, which includes Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and the occasional celebrity guest, offer their predictions for who is behind each mask. After an audience vote, the contestant who comes in last must unmask and reveal their identity.


Through the years, some very impressive celebrities have participated in The Masked Singer, including legendary singers, actors, and athletes. Some winners included T-Pain (Monster in season 1), Wayne Brady (Fox in season 2), Kandi Burruss (Night Angel in season 3), LeAnn Rimes (Sun in season 4), Nick Lachey (Piglet in season 5), Jewel (Queen of Hearts in season 6), and Teyana Taylor (Firefly in season 7). Other notable contestants were runners-up, such as Donny Osmond (Peacock in season 1), Chris Daughtry (Rottweiler in season 2), Jesse McCartney (Turtle in season 3), and many more.

Ahead of The Masked Singer season 8 premiere, many new details have been released. Fans are in for an exciting, revamped version, with many new elements, hoping to breathe new life into The Masked Singer after seven seasons. As Nick, Robin, Jenny, Ken, and Nicole prepare to return to their roles, they will find many surprises in The Masked Singer season 8.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Format

The Masked Singer has had different formats throughout the past seven seasons, and this season is bringing something completely new. According to EW, there will be a “King and Queen of The Masked Singer“-style competition, including sudden eliminations and double unmaskings in every The Masked Singer episode. In a show with three people competing, one contestant will be eliminated in the middle of the show, while the top two singers face off in a Battle Royale performance of the same song. The winner of this round will be crowned the King or Queen of the episode, and move on to compete against new contestants. The losing contestant will unmask, and the three finalists after each round will compete in the Semi-Finals. Every episode will include clue packages; however, the Golden Ear Trophy and first impression guesses from the panel are now a thing of the past.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Costumes

This season has a record-breaking 22 contestants. The Masked Singer contestants will wear costumes such as the Walrus, Scarecrow, Avocado, Bride, Venus Fly Trap, Hedgehog, Sir Bugaboo, and Mummies (a group of three). In addition, a trailer for The Masked Singer season 8 revealed a mermaid, snowflake, robot, panther, a trio of cute cartoon animals, a knight on a horse, a milkshake, a mouse, a harp, and a genie. According to EW, The Masked Singer season 8 contestants have a combined 32 Grammy nominations, 16 Emmy wins, 8 Gold albums, 4 Golden Globe nominations, 42 books, 10 Teen Choice Awards, and 5 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Themed Episodes

For the first time inhistory, there will be The Masked Singer’s theme night episodes. These will influence the song choices, costumes, and sets, which will also provide clues to the contestants’ identities. Some theme nights include “Vegas Night,” “Comedy Roast,” “Hall Of Fame,” “Muppets Night,” “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night,” “TV Themes,” “’90s Night,” “Thanksgiving,” and “Fright Night.”

The Masked Singer Season 8 Celebrity Guests

The Masked Singer season 8 will have famous guest judges, including regulars, such as Leslie Jordan and Joel McHale. Other celebrities who will appear are, Jon Lovitz, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Muppets, Will Arnett, Jodie Sweetin, Carrot Top, Blue Man Group, Lance Bass, Danielle Fishel, and Sheila E. In addition, celebrities who competed on the show in the past will return, including Donny from season 1, Tori Spelling, and Drew Carey. As of now, FOX has not confirmed which celebrities will be guest panelists and which might make cameos due to the theme nights. The Masked Singer executive producer Craig Plestis did reveal some intriguing news about one unnamed celebrity guest star. The celebrity is so exciting that the in-studio audience “literally went crazy” over them. The Masked Singer season 8 will also feature a live goat that will deliver clues.

Source: EW

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