Fall Guys: 10 Best Video Game Inspired Costumes

Since its release back in February of 2020, Mediatonic’s latest game in the Battle Royale genre, Fall Guys, became a huge success. With colorful characters, fun and fairground-like obstacles and lots of cosmetic un-lockable content in each season, it’s continued to see lots of updates and support from the fans.

The British-based developers have collaborated with many video game companies to provide their characters with fun costumes that players can wear. From independent and critically acclaimed games to big-name developers, there have been many brilliant costumes that have made them some of the most sought-after items throughout the six seasons of the game.



Rot – Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Winner for the Best Indie award at The Game Awards 2021, Kena: Bridge of Spirits was the debut of animation studio Ember Lab and received positive feedback from critics and gamers alike. The beautiful adventure game introduced everyone to Kena, the spirit guide, and Rot, small creatures that help you along your journey.

And while only introduced last year, they both made their debuts in Fall Guys recently. They are both adorable cosmetics, but Rot’s dark shaggy fur and grassy hair just made it stand out more and was one of the more visually unique creatures that transitioned well into this game.


Sackboy – Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Since his debut in MediaMolecule’s LittleBigPlanet on the PS3, Sackboy has become one of the most popular (and cute) mascots of the PlayStation brand. In his own games, there are a number of inspired costumes for Sackboy to wear and fans are still seeing more pop up. But what about costumes inspired by Sackboy itself?

December 2021 was a great time for PlayStation and Fall Guys fans as they can not also go Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, but Sackboy too. While perhaps one of the simpler costumes on the list, they definitely add a lot of detail into it from the stitches to the woolen look to the oversized zip that only fans can appreciate.


Jacket – Hotline Miami

The violent and psychedelic series, Hotline Miami from Devolver Digital, has both bewildered and shocked gamers since its release in 2012. Wearing multiple animal masks throughout the game, each grants the player with a new power-up to assassinate your way through the story.

So it was surprising to see the game represented in Fall Guys and yet, it worked out to be a really faithful costume and played well into the top and bottom parts that make each costume. With an oversized chicken mask stretching over the entire head and bringing the costume into a 3D space, this is certainly an intriguing one and one that turned out better than expected.


Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn

Released in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn quickly became the next big IP for Sony and PlayStation. Now also available on PC, it looks set to be a big franchise with the anticipated sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, coming to PS5 and PS4 consoles in 2022.

A live event for a limited time named Aloy’s Challenge saw players trying to grab lots of Blaze Cannisters and avoid robotic rhinos inspired by the game. It certainly gave gamers a new challenging mode to beat and the rewards were very satisfying indeed as you could get a surprisingly detailed costume of protagonist Aloy.


Doom Slayer – Doom

Doom was a popular first-person shooter when it was first released in the 90s and since Bethesda took over to reboot the franchise, it has become a whole new beast of its own. With a modern coat of paint, a killer soundtrack, and more gore than a Sam Raimi horror film, Doom will never be the same again.

And the characters also make cuddly-looking Fall Guy outfits too. Cacodemon and Cyberdemon make for adorable attires with exaggerated eyes and less-than-intimidating makeovers, but Doom Slayer took the cake. Turning the rough and ready protagonist into a wobbly-proportionate avatar just worked too comedically well. And with every detail of his suit added flawlessly, it just makes this a brilliant costume.

The Ghost – Ghost of Tsushima

In the sixth season of Fall Guys, a circus theme was revealed, filled with new obstacles and fun challenges to keep players on their toes. And throughout the leveled tiers, anyone could be rewarded with two costumes inspired by Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima.

Both costumes are based on Jin Sakai, the samurai protagonist of the game and protector of Tsushima Island from a Mongolian invasion. While the initial Jin costume itself is a nice recreation of the character and his outfit, The Ghost attire simply stands out for turning your Bean into a surprisingly menacing-looking warrior that will be sure to intimidate some opponents.

Gato Roboto – Gato Roboto

Developed by Devolver Digital, the pixelated black and white Metroidvania Gato Roboto starred a cat piloting a mech suit to explore an alien world. This oddball game perhaps isn’t the most recognizable out of the other games featured on this list, but it did make one of the best Fall Guys cosmetic items.

Sporting a cannon on one arm and a lego hand on the other, alongside cat ears and tiny paws peeking out from the mask too and this is essentially the most faithful transition from 2D to 3D seen yet for any of the Gato Roboto characters. And if anyone purchases the Develolver Redux Pack they can get the Virtual Gato Roboto suit alongside other familiar faces on the indie scene.

Shovel Knight – Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight series has become a darling gem in the indie gaming space and gained a dedicated fanbase. As well as multiple updates to the main game,  we also saw the spin-off title Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon become one of the best puzzle games of 2021 and also an Amiibo collection to boot.

But the title character himself has also appeared in other games, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, For Honour, and Yooka-Laylee. Out of all of his cameos and appearances, however, his cutest must certainly be his costume in Fall Guys. With eyes peeping out of the helmet, giant horns, his signature shovel on his back, and the costume tailor-made for the Beans avatars, this is a worthy outfit to add to the collection.


Among Us – Among Us

The indie darling of 2018, the manic multiplayer game Among Us gained a new following during the pandemic as not also could people play in large groups with one another online, but could discuss and debate too on who the imposter is on the ship. And it was no surprise to see a costume based on the game’s avatars included in season four’s futuristic and space-themed setting.

But this costume has a very unique feature. By wearing both parts of the Among Us costume, players can be randomly selected to whose appearance will change into the Imposter. And with the floating hands as well, Mediatonic certainly made one of their best and inspired crossover costumes to date.

Ratchet – Ratchet And Clank

One of the biggest PlayStation 5 exclusive titles of 2021, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart saw Ratchet the lombax and Clank the robot team up once again to save the galaxy in another chaotic and colorful platformer. To celebrate the release of the game, players of Fall Guys were treated to a two-week event where they could unlock the costumes and emotes based on the duo.

While both costumes were brilliantly detailed, recreating the characters with their trademark features, Ratchet’s was the best out of the two. The Clank costume may have been nice, but the design of Ratchet translated better, and they were able to add the small details of his suit and fur alike.


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