Faust Animated Show Based On Comic In Development At Sony

Sony Pictures Television will develop an animated show based on Faust. The comic book series, Faust, was created by artist Tim Vigil and playwright David Quinn and was released in America by Avatar Press. The horror series follows John Jaspers, a tormented vigilante who sells his soul for superhero powers and must then battle Mephistopheles. It is directly inspired by the medieval German legend of Faust, who similarly made a pact with the Devil for unlimited knowledge in exchange for his soul. Faust was credited with challenging the traditional superhero narrative and for popularizing the notion that “comics aren’t just forkids.” The comic was previously adapted for the 2000 movie, Faust: Love of the Damned.


According to Deadline, Sony will develop an animated show based on Faust. Matteo Pizzolo, who wrote Godkiller, will write the adaptation under a first-look deal. Pizzolo’s other recent writing credits include the speculative fiction comic book series, Calexit, which received critical praise for its depiction of California as a sanctuary state. It is not yet known who will be joining the animated cast or when it will premiere.

Among a sea of traditional superhero genre films, fans will welcome the deconstructed approach of Faust. The original comic book series premiered around the same time as Watchmen, which similarly subverted superhero narratives and recently returned to screens with a beloved reboot. The Faustian legend has endured for centuries, including in child-friendly retelling, The Little Mermaid, and fans of the timeless story will welcome its return to the screen.

Source: Deadline

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