FF9 Remake Project Shows Off New Vivi UI & Alexandria Exploration

The talented developers behind a promising fan remake of Final Fantasy 9have just released footage of the game’s user interface as Vivi wanders through the city of Alexandria. While it hasn’t quite reached the iconic status of other entries like Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 10, 2000’s FF9 has retained a cult following thanks to its charming art style that harkens back to the classic JRPGs of the 16-bit era, memorable characters, and surprisingly emotional plot. Characters like Vivi remain a common inspiration for cosplayers, and there is currently an animated FF9 series in development from French animation house Cyber Group Studios.


A group of talented Final Fantasy 9 fans is working on a re-imagining of the PlayStation 1 classic titled Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project. Announced in 2021, this passion project turned many heads when CG web artist Dan Eder shared a stunning, real-time-rendered, unofficial Final Fantasy 9 fan remake trailer that was built in Unreal Engine 5, and featured graphics that many felt went above and beyond the already colorful characters and world of the original. Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project will remain a non-playable proof of concept to avoid legal issues with Square Enix, but fans eager to reexperience Final Fantasy 9 are still impressed by what the project’s small development team has shown off so far.

The Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project Twitter account recently posted another intriguing look at what the hypothetical remake would look like, showing off its user interface and even more of its impressive character and environmental graphics. This brief GIF features the frequently cosplayed Final Fantasy 9 Vivi wandering the medieval streets of Alexandria in a behind-the-back view like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, with a hand-drawn portrait and what appears to be a pair of Health/Mana bars beneath him. In the comments section of this post, the team behind Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project noted that the finished video will run at 60 FPS, and that they are looking for a rig animator and artist to join their team and help make their project a reality.

Final Fantasy 9 Fan Remake Shows The Potential For An Official Follow-Up

As Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project continues to impress fans, talk of a more official Final Fantasy 9 remake or sequel is circulating on the internet – thanks in no small part to such a title being mentioned in last year’s near-prophetic Nvidia GeForce leak that accurately predicted Kingdom Hearts 4 and a remaster of 1999’s Chrono Cross. About a year before that, the development team behind the original Final Fantasy 9hinted that it would like to return to the world of Alexandria in a future project, but this would probably remain unannounced until the currently ongoing Final Fantasy 7 Remake series is complete.

In the meantime, the team behind Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project continues to provide an impressive look at what a modern version of the PS-era original would look like thanks to its stunning Unreal Engine 5-rendered footage of Vivi curiously strolling through the streets of Alexandria with his Health on full display. Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project might not be a fully-playable game, but it does offer an interesting glimpse at the potential of a futureFinal Fantasy 9 remake.

Source: Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project/Twitter

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