Flash Has Surprising Extra Powers Against Superfast Villains

Hidden in the Flash’s speed is a brilliant way the Fastest Man Alive can take on villains who rival his top speed. When duking it out with Kid Flash, Barry discovered a power that could give him an edge in a very particular confrontation.

After Barry Allen was struck by lightning after being drenched in chemicals, he was instantly connected to an ancient and mysterious phenomenon known as the Speed Force. Though it would take him years to gain a halfway decent understanding of the energy, Barry knew enough to recognize that he had been blessed by the Speed Force and gained abilities that defied comprehension. Barry wouldn’t be the only person to form a connection to the Speed Force and, before long, the enigmatic force brought multiple speedsters into the DC Universe. The Flash Family shared a bond closer than most other superhero teams because the Speed Force bound them together.


Now, it looks like the Speed Force has bonuses for the Flashes, as Barry found out when he first came across his future sidekick in the New 52. In The Flash #21 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, the Scarlet Speedster is on the hunt for the Teen Titan that’s stolen his symbol, thinking he may be connected to a series of murders in Central City. Barry chases the young hero that’s himself Kid Flash all over the world from Iceland to Paris. While the junior speedster can’t beat Flash’s speed directly, he manages to give the hero the slip and hides out in India. However, the peace Kid Flash finds is brief and Barry finally manages to get his hands on his clever foe. But the moment Flash touches Kid Flash, Barry is inundated with memories of the Titan’s past.

Flash has a lot of extra powers thanks to the Speed Force. However, these additional powers are typically the result of Barry’s application of his amazing speed. But it seems that the energy can actually give the Flash a form of telepathy that allows him to peer into the minds of other speedsters. That’s the sort of thing that could come in handy whenever Barry takes on any villains who also have their own speed-based powers.

It should be noted that this particular version of Kid Flash isn’t connected to the same speed energy that Barry is. But that’s good because that means Kid Flash operates like Flash’s nemesis, Reverse-Flash, who also has his own independent source of speed. This means that Barry, and potentially any other Flash, could use their telepathy to their advantage whenever going up against Eobard Thawne, Hunter Zolomon or any other ill-intentioned speedster. Flash could easily peer into their minds and easily scan their memories to stop whatever devious plan they have brewing. Telepathy might not be a standard power for the Flash, but it’s a good backup to have in case speed alone can’t cut it.

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