Flash Star Shares Image Of Putting On Costume For Last First Time

Grant Gustin, star of The Flash, shares a photo of an emotional moment: the last time he’ll put on his suit for the first time in a season. The CW’s The Flash follows DC Comics’ criminal investigator Barry Allen, who moonlights as the titular speedster after being struck by lightning. Gustin plays Barry alongside other The Flash cast members including Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, and Jesse L. Martin.Since the show’s premiere in 2014, The Flash has run for eight seasons, with season 9 slated to premiere in 2023. While The Flash seasons 1-8 averaged around 20 episodes each, The Flash season 9 will have only 13.


In August, The CW confirmed that The Flash season 9 will be the show’s last. Despite it coming to a close, The Flash is still officially the Arrowverse’s longest-running show, coming in at a grand total of 184 episodes by the end of season 9. Gustin, now 32, has been starring on the show for nearly a decade, or almost a third of his entire life. Ahead of filming starting up for the show’s final season, Gustin shared with fans how The Flash season 9 is extremely bittersweet for him.

Now that production for The Flash season 9 is officially underway, Gustin takes to Instagram to share a photo of the very last time he’ll put on his costume for the first time in a season. The mirror selfie of Gustin suited up in his iconic red and gold outfit is accompanied by a caption confirming the moment. Check out Gustin’s photo, below:


For many DC fans, Gustin has become the definitive live-action Barry Allen. This is clear just from how many people called for Gustin to replace embattled actor Ezra Miller as the Flash in the DCEU. Barry has been Gustin’s longest-running role, and the start of his final season on the show is no doubt an emotional experience. By documenting the last first time he puts on the suit, Gustin shows that he isn’t taking any moment on The Flash season 9 for granted and will be embracing every little milestone as they come.

Due to The Flash coming to a close and following other Arrowverse shows like Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow being canceled, the Arrowverse has a much thinner slate than normal for 2023. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if The CW is going to follow up with any new DC announcements at some point. Regardless, as filming continues for The Flash season 9, hopefully Gustin will continue to share pictures and thoughts about his experience shooting the final episodes. Perhaps, on the last day of filming, fans will get to see the last last time Gustin puts on the suit for a season of The Flash.

Source: Grant Gustin/Instagram

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