Football Manager 2023 Reveals New Trailer, Confirms PS5 Release

A brand-new trailer for Football Manager 2023 reveals the upcoming sports management simulator’s release date and confirms a release on PlayStation 5. The long-running franchise, which kicked off in 2004, strives for immersive realism while letting players build and manage their own soccer team. Publisher Sega did not release Football Manager 2021 on PS5, or last year’s Football Manager 2022, but this year the franchise will return to PlayStation consoles.


Developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA, the Football Manager series was born after Sports Interactive split from publisher Eidos Interactive. Sports Interactive was known for creating another soccer management series called Championship Manager, but the troubled development of 2003’s Championship Manager 4 led to a schism between the developer and publisher. While the rival series ended back in 2011, Football Manager has gone on to enjoy great success with annual releases over nearly 20 years. The franchise has been praised for its realism and in-depth management mechanics, with some fans calling Football Manager the best sports game series currently on the market.

A new trailer for Football Manager 2023 (via YouTube) confirms the title’s release date and PlayStation 5 availability. The trailer starts off with some impressive stats about the series’ previous entry before inviting fans to go even bigger this coming season. Football Manager 2023 will officially launch on November 8 across a breadth of platforms, letting soccer fans around the world build and manage their team anywhere they go. Following the series’ recent absence from Sony consoles Football Manager 2023 will be available on PlayStation 5 alongside Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Mac versions of the game. Football Manager 2023 Touch will bring the experience to Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch, too, while a mobile version will arrive on iOS and Android.

Football Manager 2023 Runs Onto Practically Every Platform

The next Football Manager installment’s widespread release may be motivated by the free launch of Football Manager 2020 on Epic Games Store, which saw a breathtaking one million players sprint onto the field during the three-day period. While the Football Manager series has recently focused on Xbox console releases, bringing the franchise onto a new platform can dramatically bolster the playerbase and lead each installment to greater success. The Epic Games Store community alone added one million extra players to the franchise in 2019, so this year’s dive onto PlayStation 5 will likely make the soccer simulation a blowout.

The Football Manager series is well-regarded for its realism and authenticity, drawing in soccer fans and sports simulation aficionados alike. This year’s installment will mark a grand return to the PlayStation console family, and Football Manager 2023 Touch will let Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch fans enjoy the title too. While little is known about the game’s mechanical changes, Football Manager 2023 is set to reach a massive audience when it launches on November 8.

Source: Football Manager/YouTube

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