Frozen Will Reveal Olaf’s Untold Origin Story In Disney+ Short

Disney is set to reveal more of Olaf’s backstory in a new Frozen short entitled “Once Upon a Snowman.” Frozen took the world by storm in its premiere in 2013, as the world fell in love with the heartwarming relationships between Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf. Frozen was followed up with Frozen II, which released in 2019 to critical acclaim as well.

One of the most beloved characters within the Frozen universe is snowman Olaf, who is known for his lighthearted personality and often poorly received jokes. The first film reveals that Olaf was originally a lifeless snowman that Elsa accidentally brought to life with her ice powers. Although Elsa remains unaware that she gave Olaf life for quite some time, she eventually comes to love him dearly, even reviving him at the end of Frozen 2. Olaf’s popularity has also led to his starring role in several Frozen spinoffs as well, including Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.


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Now, a Disney press release has announced Olaf will be getting another lead role within a short, although this one – aptly titled Once Upon a Snowman – will focus on his origin story. More specifically, the story will look at what happened to Olaf between when Elsa accidentally created him and Anna and Kristoff first come across him in the forest. Although not much else is known about the short, Disney did confirm that it will release on Disney+ on October 23. You can check out the newly released promotional poster below:

Short director Trent Correy confirms this project has been in the works since the original Frozen film. Correy states that he’s been interested in bringing this story to life since he was an animator, and that he and fellow director Dan Abraham are “grateful and excited” to showcase Olaf’s story. Abraham follows Correy’s statement by emphasizing that the directors are particularly excited to be working alongside Josh Gad again, who voices Olaf across the Frozen franchise. As such, it’s clear that Once Upon a Snowman is more than just a job for Correy and Abraham – instead, this is a passion project that comes from the heart.

Olaf stole viewers’ hearts – and screens – in every scene he was in throughout both Frozen and Frozen II. He’s known for his spunky, showstopping quotes and his affinity for warm hugs – and it’ll be interesting to see how he developed into the snowman audience members know and love today. Where did Olaf get his wisecracking sense of humor? How did he come to love summer? Hopefully all these questions and more will be answered upon the premiere of Once Upon a Snowman.

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