GameStop Stock Controversy Explained In Hilarious Super Smash Bros. Video

A video posted to Reddit uses Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to explain the recent situation involving GameStop stock. The recent phenomenon, which saw Gamestop stocks skyrocket thanks to the subreddit WallStreetBets, has continued to make headlines. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has also managed to retain popularity more than two years after its 2018 release.

For those without a history of stock market dealings, the explosion in GameStop’s stock price back in January may seem extremely unusual. Instigated by the subreddit WallStreetBets, the surge in GameStop price instantly reinvigorated a company that many considered to be on the brink of bankruptcy, particularly after nationwide store closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently GameStop stock price tripled in value once again after the company’s CFO, Jim Bell, was fired by the board of directors.


To help explain the GameStop stock situation, Reddit user u/Double_Gunz has recreated the situation using Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a medium. The video has Wario represent the hedge funders who bet against GameStop stock, which prompted the WallStreetBets group to invest in the company in turn. Diddy Kong is used to represent WallStreetBets, and by extension GameStop stock, while big brother Donkey Kong represents the Redditor who brought the situation to the group’s attention. The heroic Redditor defends GameStop stock, defending off Wario and skyrocketing Diddy Kong’s value.

While u/Double_Gunz’ video is an amusing summation of the GameStop stock situation, the epic financial saga is still ongoing. Keith Gill, the Redditor who drove WallStreetBets to supercharge GameStop stocks, is now being sued by hedge funds. These hedge funds, such as Melvin Capital Management and Citadel LLC, claim that Gill manipulated WallStreetBets for his own financial benefit. A video similar to u/Double_Gunz’, but created using Grand Theft Auto V rather than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has also been created to surmise the surprising stock saga.

The situation with GameStop, WallStreetBets and the Robinhood app is fairly complex for those who do not have an interest in the stock market. However, the high-profile nature of the case along with the popularity of GameStop among gamers means that many seek to learn more about the situation. u/Double_Gunz’ video, and others like it, help explain the GameStop situation in a way that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans can better understand.

Source: u/Double_Gunz/Reddit

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