Gargoyles Remaster Brings Back SEGA Classic (& Viking Scream)

During today’s Disney and Marvel games showcase at the D23 Expo a Gargoyles remastered was announced, adding the title to the list of classic games being remastered. The Gargoyles game was a SEGA classic that was released in 1995 that was published by Buena Vista Interactive and developed by Disney Software. Earlier this year, SEGA did announce plans for multiple remasters but Gargoyles was not included on that list.

The Gargoyles game was a side-scrolling beat ’em up that followed the storyline of the popular Disney show of the same name. Players controlled the main character Goliath as he searched for the Eye of Odin in order to destroy it. As they moved through the scenes players could swipe at enemies, throw them off of cliffs, and of course fly through the levels. The game holds the same level of nostalgia the show does, and many fans looked back on their time playing it fondly.


The Gargoyles game remaster received a quick announcement during the D23 Expo’s Disney and Marvel game showcase, so not much is known about the title just yet. Disney Games has been on a roll remastering classic Disney titles like The Lion King,The Jungle Book, and Aladdin and now have added Gargoyles to the list. Disney Games is partnering with Empty Clip Studios, who are experienced in bringing classics to life in modern ways. There was no official release date, or any information other than the fact that the game was being added to the remaster list and that the iconic Viking Scream will still be in the game, but hopefully fans will soon learn when they can get their hands on this game.

The Disney Remaster List Grows Thanks to Gargoyles

As Disney is revamping its brand and bringing new and old to the forefront of importance, many nostalgic games are getting more attention than before. The addition of these classic characters to the roster is an understandable change. The original Gargoyles series aired in 1994 and was part of the Disney Afternoon programming list. The game was released just a year after the series premiered and many who watched the show moved over to the game. As 90s nostalgia is very prevalent right now, withA Goofy Movie getting a board game and other titles getting new shows on the Disney streaming service Disney+, it is an understandable move for Disney to choose to bring Gargoyles into the mix.

The more popular titles being available with new controls and improved graphics is an exciting experience for fans and also a good way to introduce new players to the games. Exposing a new generation of fans to these beloved games can be a way to continue the legacy of a great game and to be able to share a piece of the past with the future. In the wake of the Sonic Collection remaster’s success, it is understandable that many classic games are getting a makeover. Though there is no release date or any real information announced, many Disney and SEGA fans are likely to be excited that Gargoyles will live again.

Source: Marvel/YouTube

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