Get Organized With The Home Edit: Clea Shearer Finishes Chemotherapy

Get Organized With The Home Edit shared an exciting post on Instagram, announcing that co-founder Clea Shearer has finished her chemotherapy treatment. In April 2022, Clea revealed to her followers that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would be undergoing a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. After months of difficult treatments that left her physically, mentally and emotionally drained, the professional organizer has hit a major milestone.


Clea and her partner, Joanna Teplin, founded The Home Edit organizational company in 2015 after the two realized that their love of decluttering and organizing could be made into a successful business. Over the years, they have grown The Home Edit exponentially with two New York Times best-selling books, a hit Netflix show Get Organized with The Home Edit and 6.5 million followers on Instagram. Along with collaborations with Summer Salt, a swimwear and clothing brand, their product line of The Home Edit bins and organizers can be found at Walmart and The Container Store. The Get Organized With The Home Edit stars did the impossible–they made organizing fun.

The Home Edit posted on its Instagram page that Clea officially finished her chemotherapy treatments after beginning them in May 2022. The company’s founder wrote, “I AM DONE WITH CHEMO!!! And I got to ring the bell!” Clea is thrilled to be done with chemotherapy, but she knows that there is still a long road ahead of her in terms of recovery. She will still have radiation therapy but said in the Instagram post that it’s “a whole other can of worms that I’m not going to think about today.” Today, she is going to focus on celebrating and embracing all the good that comes along with ending chemotherapy.

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After finishing her first four rounds of AC chemotherapy (Adriamycin and cyclophosphamide), Clea also underwent six rounds of Taxol chemo. Her Instagram post revealed that she was able to discontinue her treatment due to having a low white blood cell count. The Get Organized With The Home Edit star and business owner explained that “in my case, long term toxicity outweighed the benefit of finishing the chemo cycles,” meaning Clea officially graduated from her chemotherapy treatment.

Clea and Joanna became household names after the debut of Get Organized with The Home Edit, and their followers are all happy to hear that the master organizer is done with part of her treatment. Clea has continuously updated her followers with her treatments and how she is handling life since being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her transparency is commendable and appreciated by many followers who can draw strength from her story and send back their own support.

Get Organized with The Home Edit seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix.

Source: The Home Edit/Instagram

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