Gohan’s DBS Super Hero Ending Beats His Cell Saga Victory

Gohan’s big move in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero actually topped his victory over Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball Z. With Orange Piccolo holding down Cell Max in Super Hero’s ending, Gohan managed to get in on crucial attack. A fully-charged Special Beam Cannon fired by Beast Gohan proved to be the finishing blow the Z-Warriors needed to finally overcome the Red Ribbon Army’s greatest weapon.

Though Gohan has been taking a backseat to heroes like Goku and Vegeta for years, this isn’t the first time when it was up to him to finish off a main villain. Limited to just one arm, Gohan unleashed a Final Kamehameha on Perfect Cell at the end of the Cell Saga. With a dead Goku appearing alongside him to add power to the blast, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan succeeded in destroying Cell for good. Partly because Gohan’s reputation spiraled down from here, Gohan’s win over Cell is widely considered to be the peak moment for his character in the Dragon Ball franchise.


With Super Hero putting so much emphasis on Gohan, there was a hope that the movie would be a reminder of better days for the hero. Ultimately, the movie was able to achieve that and more. Not only did it complete the redemption arc that begun in Dragon Ball Super, but it also featured a better finale. While it will always be special to see Gohan teaming up with his father to defeat Cell, Gohan using Piccolo’s signature move is particularly meaningful because the Namekian is his true mentor. Gohan suddenly hitting Cell Max with the Special Beam Canon carries a level of emotional significance that his Cell Saga ending just doesn’t share.

Why Piccolo Is Gohan’s Real Mentor

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero finding a way to honor Gohan and Piccolo’s bond was a moment that was a long time coming for the franchise. Goku is Gohan’s father, but Piccolo is the character who bears most of the responsibility for the person and the fighter Gohan has become in the Dragon Ball universe. It shouldn’t be forgotten that it was Piccolo – and not Goku – who trained him as a child when they were preparing for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa In other words, Gohan’s martial arts foundation came from the time spent with the Namekian. It was also Piccolo who got him into fighting shape and pushed him into regaining his Ultimate form for the Tournament of Power.

Their relationship has always been vital to who Piccolo is as a character. After all, it was ultimately Gohan’s role in his life that softened Piccolo’s heart and turned him into a true hero. How much Gohan means to him was on full display when Piccolo sacrificed himself to save Gohan in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Gohan using the Special Beam Canon and beating Cell Max came across as the perfect way to reflect the strength of their bond and show that Gohan truly does recognize Piccolo’s role in his life in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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