GTA Online Offers Triple Rewards In Power Play And Time Trials

Players can temporarily earn three times as many rewards in GTA Online in Power Play and Time Trial activities. The bonuses come over a month after a similar promotion in which Rockstar doubled cash and RP rewards for a week. With cash and RP being the primary means of progress and bragging rights in GTA Online, the game’s community should be able to get their hands on some epic cars, weapons, and other in-game items to flesh out their arsenal.

It’s possible Rockstar is implementing the promotion in response to fans’ disappointment the company seemed to forget GTA Online’s seventh anniversary. While Rockstar is known for implementing special promotions to encourage players to spend more time in the studio’s online worlds, the GTA and Red Dead developer also takes a firm stance against hackers and cheaters, issuing permanent bans with fervor. These two stark contrasts in the company’s demeanor work in tandem to support a fair yet competitive online environment, paving the way for player success during promotional periods.


Perpetuating those rewarding experiences, Rockstar is offering triple rewards in Power Play and Time Trials in GTA Online. Players can earn three times as much GTA dollars and RP during this week’s special, offering an incentive to participate in the high-stakes team deathmatch game mode. Moreover, players will earn triple rewards in Time Trials, offering speed demons a similar opportunity to earn a good chunk of change just for hitting par time in the clocked races. Other bonuses going live during the promotion include double GTA dollars and RP for completing Special Cargo Sale Missions, a free Zit Tee just for logging into the game, and up to half off Large Special Cargo Warehouses and select vehicles.

GTA Online is all about the mayhem, and the more controlled chaos one causes in minigames, heists, and other activities, the more money and RP they can make in the long run. However, care must be taken, for causing too much grief for other players can make one a target, hindering progress and reducing one’s ability to take full advantage of these special promotions. Regardless, PvP is a prime element of GTA Online, and Power Play’s focus on powerful weaponry and power-ups is about as exciting as it gets in the 7-year-old game while the long wait for the fabled GTA 6 continues.

Naturally, participating in promotions with massive rewards has inherent risk, as players are competing to successfully acquire cash and RP and get away safely. Rockstar has encouraged gamers to sink more time into their game and simultaneously make them wary in one fell swoop. Such a double-edged sword is the mark of an adrenaline-infused event and goes a long way to make players feel the rush they need to feel their time hasn’t been wasted.

GTA Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it will launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2021.

Source: Rockstar

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