GTA Online: What Dr. Dre Is Doing In The New Contract Update

Dr. Dre is officially joining Grand Theft Auto Online as a potential client of Franklin Clinton when its next update, The Contract, drops on December 15. The legendary rapper and producer will transcend into the digital space through Franklin, who has started his own business in Los Santos since he starred in GTA V. The Contract is offering a new set of missions to GTA Online players, and appears poised to feature Dr. Dre, alongside Anderson .Paak, as a central character in the new arc.

Dr. Dre is a pioneer of West Coast hip-hop, gaining fame with N.W.A. and subsequently having a prolific solo career. Dre has spent decades as one of music’s most celebrated producers, has founded multiple record labels, and has successfully launched multiple brands, most notably Beats Electronics. He is also known for facilitating the rise of other hip-hop icons through production and recording deals, such as Snoop Dogg and Eminem, and more recently, GTA Online co-star Anderson .Paak.


A previous GTA Online update, The Cayo Perico Heist, featured Dr. Dre in a cameo role, but The Contract directly involves him. Throughout his career, Dre has released solo projects sporadically, with 16 years between 1999’s The Chronic 2001 and 2015’s Compton. It seems unlikely that Dre has chosen GTA Online as the release method for a brand-new album, but the Rockstar website does mention The Contract featuring “new, unreleased music from Dr. Dre himself.” This batch of new tracks from Dre appears to be the central plot device for The Contract.

Dr. Dre Lost His Music In GTA Online

Building off his former cameo appearance, digital Dr. Dre apparently lost his phone on his way to Cayo Perico, and some unreleased music was lost along with it. Now, Dre is a potential client for Franklin’s new “celebrity solutions agency,” F. Clinton and Partner. Players will take their custom character into business with Franklin, and attempt to secure a major client in Dr. Dre by finding his missing phone. It’s a shame that this new update isn’t a single-player expansion with the return of Franklin, but hunting down Dre’s lost music in Los Santos does seem like a zany adventure fit for GTA Online.

According to Rockstar, Dre’s phone has ended up in the wrong hands and is in danger of leaking. The Contract will take players all over Los Santos in the search, from Franklin’s old neighborhood to the offices of the Federal Investigation Bureau. It’s unclear what role Anderson .Paak is playing alongside Dre, but it’s not too much of a stretch to think the two might drop another collaboration track on December 15 alongside The Contract. It’s impressive that GTA Online managed to get a Dr. Dre appearance, and even more impressive that it’ll be more than just a cameo this time around.

Source: Rockstar Games

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