Halloween Ends Big Time Jump Will Ignore Where Michael Myers Went

Director David Gordon Green reveals why Halloween Ends won’t explain where Michael Myers was during the time jump following Halloween Kills. After stunning fans back in 1978, John Carpenter’s Halloween launched a successful franchise that continues to this day. Now consisting of 12 films in total, Green is the latest filmmaker to take a stab at the franchise, starting with his Halloween reboot in 2018. The reboot was followed by last year’s Halloween Kills, which brought back original film star Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, and saw Myers more deadly than ever.


Halloween Kills ends with Myers brutally killing Strode’s daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), setting up an intense final showdown between Strode and the iconic killer. The first trailer for Halloween Ends has already teased some of what’s to come in the film, with Strode and Myers doing battle in a kitchen before Myers attempts to shove her hand into a garbage disposal. Although the events of Halloween Kills clearly leave Strode immediately thirsty for revenge, Green previously revealed that Halloween Ends will take place 4 years later, with the plot of the film addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a new interview with Total Film, Green reveals that Halloween Ends won’t reveal what Myers was up to during the 4-year time jump. The director explains that when it comes to Myers, keeping things mysterious is always more effective. He likens the villain to the monstrous shark in Jaws, explaining that he’s not interested in seeing what the shark does in his free time when he’s not devouring unsuspecting swimmers. Check out Green’s full comment below:

“We don’t really explain that. It’s like: I don’t want to see where Jaws goes to sleep at night when I’m watching a shark movie. I want to see him when he pops up, and he’s got an appetite!”

As with most movie monsters, the mystery surrounding them is often part of what makes them so scary. Green’s Halloween reboot trilogy has really leaned into this mystery in the first two installments, not delving too far into Myers beyond his unwavering desire to kill, which has ultimately made him more unpredictable and more frightening. With Halloween Ends marking the finale to Green’s trilogy, however, many viewers are probably expecting at least some answers about the character, even if those answers don’t include what he was doing during the time jump.

While 2018’s Halloween was a hit with fans, Halloween Kills earned notably more mixed reviews. It remains to be seen how the next film will fare with audiences, but the idea of letting four years pass so that some semblance of stability and peace can return to Haddonfield will make Myers’ inevitable return in Halloween Endseven more of a disruptive and shocking event. While some viewers are sure to be frustrated with the fact that Halloween Ends won’t address why Myers waited so long to strike again, Green evidently believes that not knowing will only serve to make film stronger.

Source: Total Film

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