Halloween Ends Trailer Hypes Michael Myers’ Final Murder Spree

A terror streak is going out in bloody fashion with the final Halloween Ends trailer hyping Michael Myers’ final murder spree. Audiences have been left hanging since the shocking finale of Halloween Kills in which Michael survived his fight with the Haddonfield mob and killed them all, returning to his childhood home and stabbing Judy Greer’s Karen. Halloween Ends will see Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie and Andi Matichak’s Allyson processing their trauma from their encounters with Michael four years after Kills, only for his return to put them on a path for vengeance and closure.


Alongside Curtis and Matichak, the cast for Halloween Ends will see the returns of James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle as Michael, Will Patton, Omar Dorsey and Kyle Richards, as well as the franchise debut of Rohan Campbell. Though reception to Halloween Kills was generally mixed, anticipation has remained high forthe next installment, namely as it’s being touted as the finale for Laurie in the long-running horror movie franchise. As time draws nearer for Halloween Ends, audiences are getting one final look at the film.

With less than a month remaining until its arrival, Universal Pictures has released a final Halloween Ends trailer. The video hypes Michael Myers’ final murder spree in the epic horror conclusion, as well as showing more of Laurie and Michael’s brutal fight in her home. Check out the exciting final trailer below:

Though the final Halloween Ends trailer may offer teases of Michael’s final murder spree and his fight with Laurie, it still largely keeps the nature of his return under wraps. Co-writer/director David Gordon Green previously indicated that the horror sequel wouldn’t explain where Michael was in the four years between Halloween Ends and Kills, comparing it to audiences’ lack of interest in learning of Bruce’s whereabouts between his kills in Jaws. Given the cliffhanger nature of Halloween Kills‘ ending, there’s been some division over this plan, as many have remained curious where he went after seemingly killing Karen.

Outside of Michael’s murder spree, the final Halloween Ends trailer also offers an interesting new tease of Laurie’s mental state going into her final chapter. Green recently revealed that the time gap between Halloween Kills and Ends saw Laurie finally get help to process all that she’s been through, making her a more vulnerable figure in the upcoming movie, with the final trailer even seeing Corey Cunningham, the teen being framed as a Michael Myers copycat, warn her Michael would be coming for her. With the final Halloween Ends trailer showing Laurie seemingly getting the upper hand on Michael, it will be interesting to see if she truly gets to be horror’s final girl, or if she too will fall to Haddonfield’s worst killer when the film hits theaters and Peacock on October 14.

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