Halloween Ends Video Recreates Iconic Original Movie Kill

Michael Myers recreates an iconic kill from John Carpenter’s original 1978 horror film in a new Halloween Ends television spot. After seven sequels and a reboot attempt by director Rob Zombie, the long-running slasher franchise decided to return to square one with 2018’s Halloween. The David Gordon Green-directed film ignored all of the previous sequels and acted as a direct continuation of Carpenter’s original film. A sequel, Halloween Kills, was released last year and now, Halloween Ends, releasing this October, is set to cap off the trilogy.


Jamie Lee Curtis returns to lead the Halloween Ends cast as Laurie Strode alongside Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Kyle Richards, and Omar Dorsey, who are all reprising their roles from previous films. The threequel picks up four years after the events of the last film with Laurie now living in peace with her granddaughter Allyson. However, when Allyson’s new boyfriend, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), is accused of killing a young boy he babysits, Laurie once again finds herself on a collision course with Michael Myers. Before their final face-off, Michael must embark on his obligatory murder spree throughout Haddonfield,

Now, a new international Halloween Ends TV spot reveals one of Michael Myers’ kills from the upcoming threequel, which harkens back to Carpenter’s original Halloween. Posted to YouTube by chefhawk in crisp 4K quality, the video shows the iconic masked murderer pinning a victim up against a wall by their neck before stabbing them with his signature chef’s knife. Watch the new TV spot below:

This particular moment from the new Halloween Ends TV spot is almost an exact recreation of an iconic kill from the original Halloween. Carpenter’s 1978 film finds Bob Simms (who was played by John Michael Graham) being killed in a similar fashion as Michael lifts him up by his neck against a pantry door before ceremoniously stabbing him in the chest, the knife pinning him to the door. Laurie later discovers Bob’s body suspended from the ceiling in the upstairs bedroom, though whatever creative flourish Michael has in store for his latest victim in Halloween Ends remains to be seen.

Based on Halloween Ends‘ marketing campaign so far, it appears the threequel will be filled with homages to Carpenter’s original work. The first Halloween Ends trailer released earlier this year included a notable reference to the first Halloween film. Now, four decades later, Halloween Ends is being billed as the final face-off between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, so it only makes sense for the film to revisit where it all began. Hopefully, this will be a film that serves as a worthy conclusion to one of the most beloved slasher franchises of all time.

Source: chefhawk/YouTube

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