Halo Season 2 Confirms Return Of Infamous Character

With many remaining skeptical about the show’s future, the cast list for Halo season 2 confirms the return of Charlie Murphy’s infamous character. Developed by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane, the Paramount+ series served as an adaptation of Bungie and 343 Industries’ sci-fi action franchise of the same name exploring the war between the United Nations Space Command and the ancient alien race known as The Covenant, mostly through the eyes of UNSC soldier, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. The Halo show followed Master Chief as he investigated an ancient Covenant artifact with ties to his own past, sending him down a dark rabbit hole.


One of the characters Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief encounters in his journey is that of Charlie Murphy’s Makee, a human who was taken in and raised by The Covenant at a young age and works to infiltrate the UNSC in the hopes of recovering the artifact Master Chief recovered. She initially posed as an escaped Covenant prisoner, only for Master Chief to see through the charade and learn of both of their abilities to activate Forerunner technology, which when put together can offer the location of the Halo ringworld. Season 1 of the show seemingly ended with Makee’s death in the final battle on Reach, though a new Halo season 2 update may go against those thoughts.

A few months after season 1 came to a close, Paramount+ announced the start of production on Halo season 2. In the official press release from the studio announcing filming, multiple new and returning cast members were revealed for the next chapter of the series. One of the more surprising names on the list was that of Charlie Murphy, who played the infamous character Makee in Halo season 1.

Though the show as a whole received very divisive reviews from critics and fans of the games alike, Makee proved to be one of the more infamous characters of Halo season 1. One of the later episodes of the season saw her and Master Chief have sex, a sequence that left many polarized for its shaky ethical issues of a soldier sleeping with a prisoner of war, as well as criticisms from Halo fans that Master Chief wouldn’t do such in the games. Given her importance to the show’s version of Master Chief and his evolution in determining where he sits in the war against The Covenant, some may find it understandable and would welcome her return for the in-production season 2.

What will be interesting to see is how Halo season 2 explains Makee’s return to the fold, given she was shot and seemingly killed by Kai in order to break Master Chief free of their shared vision and help Silver Team escape. With the final moments of season 1 teasing that Master Chief may no longer be in control of his body, having turned it over to Cortana in order to save his squadmates, it seems possible she may only appear in a hallucination for whatever remains of his mind, though with the show being set far in the future, her Covenant allies may just have the technology to bring her back to life. Whichever the case may be, one can only hope Halo season 2 corrects the faults fans of the franchise had with season 1, including with Makee.

Source: Paramount+

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