Harley Quinn & Deadpool Meet Their Match in Marvel/DC Crossover

Harley Quinn and Deadpool are antiheroes from different comic universes that are more similar than you might think. They’re brash, brutal, and love to talk – even if no one is listening. Quinn, like Deadpool, even breaks the fourth wall from time-to-time. But, what if the Merc with the Mouth took on Harley in an explosive battle? Artist Stephen Byrne (Wonder Twins) brought the unlikely Marvel/DC Comics crossover to life.

During the pandemic, Byrne has posted a handful of panels featuring awesome Marvel/DC Comics crossovers. He’s tackled Batman taking on Wolverine, Wonder Woman becoming the new Thor, and Superman destroying Iron Man with a single punch. Marvel and DC haven’t done an official crossover for a while now, but Byrne’s art has definitely showcased what a modern one could look like. In his latest piece, Deadpool takes on Harley Quinn in a violent affair.


On Twitter, Byrne posted the fight between Deadpool and Harley Quinn. In the image, Harley and Wade Wilson fire an array of bullets at each other as they gracefully float through the air. Deadpool has stolen Harley’s trusted hammer, which leads to Quinn grabbing a bomb (which could be pulled right out of Looney Tunes) and chucks it at him as it’s about to explode. Unfortunately for Harley, Deadpool manages to escape the explosion in the nick of time and uses her hammer to lift up the panel. In the end, Deadpool sits on Quinn as she waves the white flag.

Bryne also showed the breakdown of the Marvel/DC Comics crossover on his Twitter page.

The art showcases how great it would be to get a real comic starring Deadpool and Harley fighting against each other in the most ridiculous ways possible. The two hero’s blend of violence and humor matches one another perfectly. It would be hilarious to see Harley think that she actually killed Deadpool, only for a bloodied and decapitated Deadpool to grossly show her otherwise. It’s too bad Marvel and DC Comics likely won’t crossover for a while because Deadpool and Harley Quinn would be a stellar match-up. Byrne’s excellent art is as close as we’ll get to the crazy potential battle. We’d love to see him tackle some more unlikely crossover fights like Green Lantern versus Nova, Captain Marvel battling Shazam, and Sub-Mariner taking on Aquaman.

You can check out more of Byrne’s art on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

Source: Stephen Byrne Twitter

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