Harry Potter: 20 Wild Things The Weasleys Did After Deathly Hallows

By far, the most tight-knit, happy family in the Harry Potter universe is the Weasley clan. Fans are meant to bond with the whole brood, falling in love with how happy and supporting they are. It’s clear the characters love them, too, considering how many heroes marry into the family of wholesome red-heads.

At the end of Deathly Hallows, almost all of Weasleys are paired off and living their happily ever after. Considering that they started off as a large family living in the Burrow, the journey they took the second they bonded with Harry Potter showed how brave they truly were. They experienced all of the joys, terror, and heartbreak that came with adopting him into their ranks.

Despite being frowned upon as the poor by other pure-bloods, they are the ones who succeeded and rose to power after Voldemort was ended. They even officially adopted Harry, the Boy Who Lived (twice), as a family member when he married Ginny.

Afterward the war, they all enjoy a life of peace and happiness — or at least for the most part. Of course, the adventures don’t end with the Weasleys once the war ends. They’re far too exciting for that.

With that said, here are the 20 Wild Things The Weasleys Did After Deathly Hallows.

20 Hermione Became Minister of Magic

After Deathly Hallows, the main trio became successful in their own right. Neither Harry nor Ron could quite hold a candle to Hermione’s achievements, though. After becoming an advocate for house-elf rights, she ingrained herself in magical politics and eventually took over the Ministry herself.

This way, Hermione could do everything in her power to help keep the world her children grew up in safe. However, the job did put a bit of a strain on her relationships. Being the Minister of Magic is a lot of work and can suck up a lot of a person’s time. Lucky for Hermione, her husband and children are kind, patient people.

19 They (Almost) All Got Married

Once all of the terror of Voldemort’s war was over, the Weasley worked hard to find happiness in their lives, despite all that they’d lost. Bill had already met his match in Fleur, and soon after, Ron married Hermione, his best friend and soulmate. George also married Angelina, his school friend and crush. Ginny and Harry tied the knot, and even Percy got married to a woman named Audrey.

The only Weasleys who didn’t get married were Charlie, who loved dragons more than people, and Fred, who sadly lost his life during the Battle of Hogwarts. All of his siblings did their best to live happy lives to remember him. George even named his first son Fred after the twin he missed so dearly. Despite all of the pain they suffered, the Weasleys found happiness and people (or dragons) to love.


18 Ginny Became A Professional Quidditch Player

Though she was easily the sweetest Weasley, Ginny had a serious toughness in her that shined whenever she played Quidditch. Besides helping to save the world, it was the only thing she was really passionate about. Luckily for her, not only was she passionate about the game, but she was also very good at it. After Hogwarts, Ginny became the star Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies, a professional all-women Quidditch team.

Unfortunately, though, being a Quidditch star calls for a lot of travel. When she and Harry decided to start a family, Ginny had to give up playing professional Quidditch player. Though she stopped going to tournaments as a player, Ginny quickly landed a job as the Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet. She may not travel as much anymore, but she still spends every day involved in her favorite sport.

17 Ron And Hermione Had Two Kids

Arthur and Molly Weasley were miracle workers, as they managed to take care of seven children while still making them all feel loved and included. However, none of their children were willing to take on such a large burden. At most, their children only had three kids themselves. Ron and Hermione kept their count low with only two children.

That doesn’t mean, though, that they loved them any differently. Just like Molly and Arthur, Ron and Hermione fiercely adored Rose and Hugo. The pair gave their children as much support and attention as they could. With all of their efforts, Rose grew into a brilliant young witch. Hugo hasn’t gone to school yet, but it’ll be no surprise if he’s superb in some way or another.

16 Percy Became Head Of Transportation

Of all of the Weasley children, Percy was easily the biggest stick in the mud. He was married to rules and order before he was married to his wife, and, because of this, he often got his other siblings in trouble.

However, when it came to his professional life, Percy was perfect for the Ministry. Furthermore, it made him perfect for his eventual job as Head of Transportation. Percy would always double and triple check that things were safe and in regulation. Though other departments needed more flexibility, his rigidity fits transportation regulation perfectly. With all of the magical ways to travel, the Wizarding World needs order to keep everyone safe.

15 Rose Accidentally Revealed The Whereabouts Of An Illegal Time-Turner

When Rose Granger-Weasley does anything, she overacheives. That includes her efforts to get on her cousin Albus’ good side again. After getting sorted, she and her cousin had a falling out. She was the one who did things right (she became a Quidditch player and a Gryffindor), while he did everything “wrong” (he was nicknamed the “Slytherin Squib”).

In their fourth year, Rose tries to reconnect with Albus, but in doing so, she reveals to him the location of a top-secret and powerful Time-Turner. After all, she intends to go above and beyond in repairing their relationship. However, Rose accidentally sets some terrible things into motion and almost helps to ruin the universe. She might have been better off just baking him a cake or taking him out flying.

14 Ron Became An Auror (But Not For Long)

After the Battle of Hogwarts, both Ron and Harry joined the Aurors, the wizard cops who hunted dark wizards and witches. With all of the Death Eaters still on the loose, they still had a lot of work to do. However, once things settled down and a few years had passed, Ron abandoned the Auror life. Being Harry’s friend had always put him in danger, but he didn’t want to be in danger forever.

Instead, Ron moved on to help George run the Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes store. With Fred gone, George needed someone to help him run things. Though Ron and Harry still remained best friends, their lives diverged. Harry still wanted to throw himself into frays and be the hero, while Ron just wanted to be happy.

13 Bill And Fleur Had Several Children

When Harry first met Fleur Delacour, she was a slightly pretentious star student of Beauxbatons. By the next time they meet, in his sixth year, she’s much more down to earth. With Bill, she became her best self: still a fearless, strong woman but one without judgment.

After marrying in Deathly Hallows, Bill and Fleur leaned on each other to create a life of normalcy. Despite all that they had lost, and Bill’s partial lycanthropy, they wanted to live a happy life together. Over time, they had three children named Victoire, Louis, and Dominique. Eventually, they saw all their children off to Hogwarts. Later, their daughter Victoire even started to date Teddy Lupin, the orphan son of Lupin and Tonks.

12 Hermione Finished School

During the events of Deathly Hallows, all three main heroes abandoned school to find Voldemort’s Horcruxes and prepare for battle. Once Voldemort was defeated, Ron and Harry chose to go on with life and leave their education as is. Hermione, however, took her N.E.W.T.S and graduated, as befitting her character. This decision helped drive her career and made her all the more qualified to become Minister of Magic.

Not only did finishing school fulfill Hermione personally, but also professionally. The second her N.E.W.T.S were complete, she moved on to become a Ministry worker and an advocate of house-elf rights. As a graduate, her word had a lot more weight in political circles. Being a member of the trio that saved the world didn’t hurt, though.

11 Rose Became A Popular Gryffindor

The second Rose Granger-Weasley got into Hogwarts, she was the best combination of her parents. She was a great Quidditch player, a star student, and a magical prodigy. While she was a huge bookworm, she was also popular and friendly. The traits her parents passed down made her a perfect Gryffindor and it showed.

With all of the good that she did in only her first four years, her parents couldn’t be prouder of her. However, Rose could have used her popularity and skills to help her cousin, Albus. Instead of abandoning her cousin, she could have helped him. Instead, she chose to leave him rather than help him become an amazing wizard in his own right.

10 Arthur Helped Clean Up The Ministry

While Arthur Weasley was always a wholesome, good man, the Ministry, which he worked for, had some serious flaws. Previous Minister Cornelius Fudge was a lazy man who would turn a blind eye to many unspeakable things. During Voldemort’s second reign, the Wizarding government became extremely corrupted.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, Arthur helped to clean up the Ministry. All known Death Eaters were removed, as well as those who were willing to let certain things slide. With his help, the Order of the Phoenix was able to remold the Ministry for a better future, and it was all thanks to a formerly-despised Misuse of Muggle Artifacts officer.

9 Teddy Lupin Started Dating Victoire Weasley

The Harry Potter series is very fond of intermingling the families of fan-favorite characters. For example, Harry married into the Weasleys and Scorpius, Draco’s son, had a crush on Ron and Hermione’s daughter Rose. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the orphan son of Lupin and Tonks started seeing Victoire Weasley, Bill and Fleur’s eldest daughter.

When Teddy lost his parents during the Battle of Hogwarts, his grandmother, Andromeda, and his godfather, Harry, worked together to give the boy as much love as possible. This probably meant a lot of interaction with the endlessly large Weasley brood. There, he met Victoire and fell in love. Though it’s a little cheesy for Teddy to (of course) fall for a Weasley, it’s nice to add him to the Weasley family. He deserves a large and loving family.

8 Hugo And Rose Became Good Friends With Their Potter Cousins

Since Harry, Ron, and Hermione were best friends and Ginny and Ron were siblings, it’s obvious that the Potter and Granger-Weasley clans remained close. Over time, the young cousins all became close, too. James might have been off doing his own thing, but the others paired off. Before school, both Rose and Albus and Hugo and Lily became the best of friends.

Though things became more complicated at school, Rose and Albus still cared quite a bit about each other. Also, as the only ginger child in her family, it must have been nice for Lily to have cousins who shard the trait with her. Life at Hogwarts may have pulled them apart, but the Potters and the Granger-Weasleys always have family to rely on.

7 Ron And Hermione Ended Up On Chocolate Frog Cards

Chocolate frogs aren’t exactly the most important charmed items in the Harry Potter universe, but they are one of the coolest things to kids. After all, who wouldn’t love an interactive, delicious chocolate?

The frogs’ also come with trading cards of different famous witches and wizards. When Harry receives his first chocolate frog, he gets a card of Dumbledore. Harry, Hermione, and Ron all get put on chocolate frog cards after the Battle of Hogwarts, which Ron is obviously very excited about. As a kid who collected a lot of them, Ron is ecstatic to see himself alongside his own heroes.

6 Rose Became Gryffindor’s Star Chaser

Though not many quite as talented as Harry Potter at Quidditch, who became a first year Gryffindor Seeker, being a good Quidditch player clearly runs in the Potter and Granger-Weasley family. Although Ron didn’t get on the Quidditch team until his sixth year, his daughter Rose made it onto the team by her second year.

Rose became Gryffindor’s new star Chaser, which is the same position that her aunt Ginny played. It’s not much of a surprise, though. Weasleys are notoriously good Quidditch players. Charlie has always been a good Seeker, George and Fred are great Beaters, Ginny is an incredible Chaser, and Ron proved to the world that he was a skilled Keeper. As an athlete and an academic, Rose is truly a multi-skilled student with a lot to offer.

5 They Helped Stop Delphini Riddle

In The Cursed Child, the main issue is initially Harry and Albus’ broken relationship. As the play goes on, however, the characters learn that Delphini Riddle, Voldemort’s daughter, has been playing them the entire time.

While Rose helped kickstart Delphini’s sinister scheme, her family is also a vital part of helping to bring Delphini down. Hermione and Ron team up with Harry to track Albus and Scorpius. The versions of Hermione and Ron who appear in another timeline also help the duo escape their apocalyptic timeline. Ginny Weasley helps Harry realize his errors in raising Albus. Together, the Weasleys do a lot of good and save the world from Voldemort’s legacy. Without their help, Albus nor Harry could have made it.

4 Rose And Albus Grew Apart

When they were kids, Albus and Rose were very close, much like Lily and Hugo. The cousins were close in ages and were excited about their futures as witches as wizards.

However, the second Rose and Albus got to Hogwarts, everything changed. Albus was quick to accept an outsider like Scorpius, while Rose wasn’t. Albus wasn’t sure where he might be sorted, while Rose was sure that she would become a Gryffindor. When Albus got sorted into Slytherin and Rose was placed into Gryffindor, everything changed for both of them. Over the course of the year, Rose ignored her “loser” cousin more and more. By The Cursed Child, the damage she’d done to their friendship was almost irreparable.

3 George Ran Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes In Honor Of Fred

Geroge and Fred Weasley began their joke shop after they left school during their seventh year in rebellion against Umbridge. While their parents weren’t happy about their sudden academic departure, the twins had a plan. The two pranksters opened up a joke shop called Weasleys’ Wizards Wheezes. Their prank charms had been popular at school and became even more popular in Hogsmeade.

Though George lost his brother, Fred, during the Battle of Hogwarts, he kept running the joke shop in honor of him. Eventually, his brother Ron joined him and helped him run the thriving enterprise. When George lost Fred, he thought his life would be over, but because of the success of Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes, he was able to live a life that Fred would be proud of.

2 Scorpius Malfoy Became Smitten With Rose Granger-Weasley

Despite being an outcast with Albus, Scorpius was still a normal, teenage boy who had feelings for others. Unfortunately for Scorpius, though, he ended up becoming smitten by Rose Granger-Weasley, who wanted nothing to do with him. She was popular and thus wouldn’t go anywhere near Albus or him.

After The Cursed Child‘s climax, though, things changed a lot. Though Rose still shoots him down when Scorpius asks her out on a date, she seems to flirt back with him. Now, since she’s trying to become closer to Albus again, Scorpius has a much better chance with her. Also, more importantly, he showed to the Potter and Weasley clans that he’s a pretty great kid.

1 The Granger-Weasleys Were Erased From Existence

After becoming involved with a powerful Time-Turner, Albus and Scorpius started causing a lot of damage to their timeline. One of the first things to change was Rose, who no longer existed, as they had altered the timeline so that Ron married Padma Patil instead of Hermione. Of course, Scorpius didn’t like that one bit. This also led to more timelines in which the pair didn’t end up together, driving a larger, stranger wedge between the two romantically. Even if Hermione and Ron did embrace in the apocalyptic ending, that didn’t make up for all of their good memories that were destroyed.

Luckily for Albus, Scorpius, and all the Granger-Weasleys, time was later repaired and they were able to keep living their normal lives. Hermione, Ron, Rose, and Hugo are happy to be the family they were always meant to be.

Were there any other things that the Weasleys did after Harry Potterand The Deathly Hallows? Let us know in the comments!

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