Homelander’s Seven Team Will Be So Much More Evil In The Boys Season 4

Homelander’s Seven team will be a lot more evil in The Boys season 4 due to the roster changes in season 3. While Marvel has the Avengers and DC has the Justice League, The Boys has its own superteam in The Seven. Homelander, Queen Maeve, Starlight, A-Train, The Deep, and Black Noir have been the main members on the show. The roster has mostly stayed the same over the years even as people like Stormfront temporarily join, but the table is set for The Seven to be a truly evil team of Supes in The Boys season 4 thanks to Homelander.


There has never been a time in The Boys when Homelander was not the most powerful member of the team, but that did not mean that his worst tendencies were not subdued by others. Starlight and Queen Maeve both reportedly stood up to him over the years, as did Vought CEO Stan Edgar. However, The Boys season 3 went to great lengths to ensure that Homelander was more powerful than ever before in regard to his influence with The Seven. Starlight quit the team, Maeve faked her death, and Edgar was sabotaged by Homelander and Victoria Neuman. Homelander even killed Black Noir in The Boys season 3.

All of these moves have ensured that Homelander’s Seven team will be so much more evil in The Boys season 4. The Deep and A-Train are the only members left, and they have already proven to be complete pushovers to follow Homelander out of fear. Without Starlight or Maeve around to try and balance out the Seven’s heroics, Homelander’s evil tendencies will only continue to shine through. He will likely care even less about being the “traditional” Supe in The Boys season 4 after his fans applauded him for killing a Starlight supporter. Homelander doing more evil acts will open the door for the other members of The Seven to do the same. Meanwhile, it is also worth remembering that Homelander will have significant sway in appointing new members to the team, and he will not bring anyone aboard who will challenge his leadership style.

Starlight Should Lead The Boys After Quitting The Seven

To counteract Homelander’s Seven team becoming more evil, The Boys season 4 could make Starlight the new leader of The Boys team. She officially joined the anti-Vought team in the season 3 finale after quitting The Seven. If part of The Boys season 4 revolves around Homelander further corrupting The Seven, it would be a great juxtaposition to see how Starlight makes The Boys better through her leadership and influence. Starlight and Homelander’s leadership styles already clashed when they were co-captains, but now The Boys could really highlight how different they are.

Starlight leading The Boys is also a natural progression of her arc and the show’s story at large. The Boys season 3 saw Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell get temporary powers, while Kimiko temporarily lost hers. Starlight is even more powerful after The Boys season 3 ending, so she could give the team a leader who can actually protect the rest. She is also arguably the character with the strongest moral compass. With Billy Butcher’s death looming and Hughie understanding he does not need to be a hero, Starlight stepping up to lead The Boys would be a fun twist on The Boys season 4, especially with Homelander’s Seven team becoming more evil.

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