How RHOBH Exposed Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton’s Sister Feud

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton’s spat on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has pulled back the veil on their history of family feuds. The two had been getting along well since Kathy’s season 11 inception. Joining as a friend allowed Kathy to come around for the girls’ trips and hang out with her younger sister. Kyle is the OG housewife who already has built friendships among the cast that her older sister hasn’t been privy to. But as the wife of a Hilton hotel heir and mother of Paris Hilton, Kathy has been in high demand long before becoming a housewife.


Kathy had a late start in season 12 as she focused on Paris’s lavish wedding. But she came around for the group outings, including the trip to Aspen, Colorado. Kathy seemingly had hopes of promoting her Casa Del Sol tequila line that she invested in with daughter Nicky Hilton and son-in-law James Rothschild. But cameras captured Kyle and Lisa Rinna’s disinterest in hearing Kathy promote her tequila. At one point, Lisa even went as far as ordering some of Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila instead of Kathy’s. The wealthy fashion designer and philanthropist became upset after noticing Kyle did nothing to defend her older sister.

Once the episode aired, Paris and Kathy took to social media to show signs of their upset with Kyle. Paris flat out called her aunt “unkind” in response to one fan who noted how “excited” Kathy appeared to promote her tequila only for Kyle to start making weird noises and acting oddly with Lisa. The two Fox Force Five members looked visibly bothered by Kathy promoting her tequila. Paris also liked a few tweets from fans who sided with Kathy and shamed Kyle for subtly shading her sister. Kathy also posted a few messages to her Instagram Story that seemingly hinted at her disappointment in Kyle.

It’s the first time viewers are getting an inside look into Kyle and Kathy’s sister feud. But it’s not the first time the two have had a falling out. Kyle has revealed in past seasons the time she and Kathy stopped speaking over a play she produced about their life growing up. Kathy was offended that Kyle would be willing to reveal intimate information about their upbringing and late mother. Kyle became emotional when revealing how the play put a strain between her and Kathy and caused them to stop speaking for some time. Kathy joined the show around the time she and Kyle worked out their differences.

But now the two are back to feuding and this time viewers can see why. Many are defending Kathy and shaming Kyle for her history of fighting with her sisters on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim used to accuse Kyle of not defending her from the rest of the group. Now years later and Kathy is showing signs of feeling the same way. Kyle’s season 12 behavior has put her on the receiving end of more backlash than ever before.

Source: Paris Hilton/Twitter

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