How Temtem Compares To Pokémon Sword & Shield

As Temtem and the latest new generation Pokémon Sword and Shield compete in the same game genre, how do the two compare to each other? Fans can see that the Pokémon franchise heavily inspires Temtem, but Temtem also does enough different to make it stand out. This helps prevent Temtem from falling into the problem other monster-catching games do, where they get labeled as nothing more than Pokémon clones. There is still a chance that some players will mark Temtem as one anyway, but the debate would favor the side that claims it as its own game that simply takes inspiration from the successful series.


Temtem is compelling on PS5 and all its other platforms, sending its players on a trip around its fantastical Airborne Archipelago with the goal of being a Tem Master. On the way, players will have to face off against the Dojo Leaders and thwart the evil Clan Belseto’s plans. Temtem is home to 161 different Tems to catch, spread out between 12 types, two of which are unique to the game. Pokémon Sword andShield has players explore the eighth region of Galar, filled with new battles and Pokémon. Galar also has its problems as the troublesome Team Yell and weird power fluctuations spread across the region. Thus, it falls upon the player to help sort through the chaos settled into Galar.

At first glance, both games will appear similar, which is understandable. To an extent, Temtem has tried to take the best aspects of Pokémon and add its own unique twists. This gave Temtem players the fun feeling of a Pokémon game while being an MMO that sold over 500,000 copies in its first month, a genre that provides new ways to spice the game up. When comparing the creatures to catch, story, gameplay, breeding, and quality of life changes, Temtem stands out as a competitor to Pokémon Sword andShield.

Temtem Vs. Pokémon: Which Has The Better Creatures

Arguably the most crucial part of both games, how the creatures players catch stack up, becomes invaluable. This becomes tricky because both franchises have appealing, unique, and well-designed creatures. Pokémon has many more to compete with, but Temtem stands out for its aesthetic and creativity. Developer Crema also got many cheers from fans for allowing fan inspiration to reach the final game, something Pokémon fans with their convincing designs have been clamoring for. 10 of the 12 types in Temtem are essentially the same as in Pokémon, so variety there is something Temtem doesn’t win in. Overall though, Temtem‘s unique art design has allowed for appealing creatures to catch that, while not matching Pokémon numbers-wise, have attracted fans to the game.

Sword & Shield’s Rushed Story Is Still More Than Temtem’s

Despite all the controversy that surrounded the rushed story of Pokémon Sword andShield, it still beats Temtem. This is not because Temtem‘s story is bad – it is pretty comical and has more adult twists than most Pokémon stories – but instead that the story of Temtem takes a very obvious backseat to everything else developer Crema wanted to show off. Temtem‘s story rushes players to each dojo and then into battle against Clan Belsoto. However, most characters come off as one-dimensional, and the story lacks any interest for players outside a few moments. Pokémon Sword andShield falters at the end but still gives players a crafted and well-paced story, along with a terrifying Pokémon villain in Chairman Rose and characters who have become fan favorites for many of the community. A story can often be a bonus for creature-catching games, as Temtem has done just fine without much of one, but when comparing the two, it would be unfair to say Temtem even comes close to Pokémon Sword andShield​​​​.

Temtem Upgrades Pokémon Double Battles And Wins With It

All battles in Temtem are double battles, which focus on synergy and support of each other. Type advantages still hold value and are the primary way to knock out an enemy team, but often enough, they will not one shot, which allows for counter-play in battles. Some moves also gain a bonus effect like extra damage or guaranteed status condition if used with a Temtem of a specific type. For example, the move Toxic Plume costs less stamina and inflicts an Attack debuff on enemies when used alongside a Crystal type Temtem.

Held items are also in Temtem, but they are usually simple or relatively similar to held and healing items in Pokémon. Overall, a player’s choice will come down to their preferences, whereas Pokémon will often, but not always, focus on raw power and type advantage, Temtem adds another level of strategy and makes players think about every step of the battle.

Temtem Makes Endgame Breeding So Much Easier

One of the most troublesome parts of Pokémon, especially for those who want to play competitively, is breeding the perfect one. It often takes a lot of luck to get that perfect egg, even with the items that allow for a guaranteed transfer. What Temtem does to relieve this is the inclusion of holding items that guarantee two stats transfer. This speeds up breeding while still leaving enough to chance so that getting that perfect egg feels like an accomplishment. To balance this out, every Temtem has a fertility counter, an amount of time ranging from one to eight that tells players how many more eggs they can produce. So while Temtem wants players to have to work for their perfect team, unlike Pokémon‘s more luck-based breeding methods and tools, it still reduces the amount of luck needed and speeds up the process.

Temtem offers many of the changes Pokémon fans have been wanting but lacks that extra polish and budget that Nintendo can bring. However, that has not stopped Temtem as it remains a popular and profitable game for developer Crema, which intends to keep supporting the game. Temtem recently saw its official 1.0 release that added even more endgame features for players, and the benefit of it being an MMO game is that players will not have to let go of old teams. It will be difficult for Temtemto compete with a massive franchise like Pokémon, but its current success does bode well for a game that gives fans something new from the monster-catching genre.

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