How to Craft a Windmill in Valheim

One of the reasons why Valheim has captivated so many people is because of its simple yet effective building mechanics. Players can explore this world inspired by Norse mythology and build bases with their friends. One of the many structures that can be created are windmills.

Viking adventurers that get their hands on a windmill will be able to convert their barley into barley flour. With access to this material, players can head to the kitchen and craft a number of health restoring dishes like blood pudding and fish wraps. To learn how to add these useful items to one’s inventory, here’s how to craft windmills in Valheim.


Making Windmills in Valheim

The first thing players must do to construct a windmill is head to a mountain biome. Not because windmills are found there, but because the dragon boss, Moder, can only be summoned in that location. After finding three dragon eggs, place them on her altar, also in the biome, to commence the boss fight. These eggs are heavy, so consider bringing along friends to help carry them. Allies will also be useful in the fight against her, so they can do more than just heavy lifting. Those that manage to best the dragon will bring them one step closer to better meals. The loot that Moder drops upon defeat, the dragon tear, is necessary to build the artisan table. Creating it will allow players to build useful structures like a blast furnace, spinning wheel, and most importantly, windmills.

With heavy damage sustained from their battle against Moder, Viking warriors will want a nice meal to recover their health back. To get started crafting the windmill, players will need to collect the following ingredients:

  • 20 Stone
  • 30 Iron Nails
  • 30 Wood

Once they have been gathered, set down the newly acquired artisan table nearby. Windmills can only be placed if there is an artisan table in the vicinity, but they can remain even after the table is removed. There are a few things to note about where windmills should be placed. For starters, they take up a lot of space, so try to find somewhere that is not congested. Also, as its name implies, it needs wind power to function. Players will need to find safe areas where the wind blows the strongest, as that’s where the barley will be converted the fastest. While it may be safer to build windmills by a player’s home base, it may not always be optimal because of these wind conditions. Clear open fields will help the wind blow freely, so it might be in a Viking’s best interest to chop down some trees if it means making a suitable location for windmills to operate.

Valheim is available for PC.

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