How to Defeat The Leiana Sisters in Skul: The Hero Slayer (Boss Guide)

Players who want to make it all the way to the end of Skul: The Hero Slayer will have their work cut out for them because of the sheer amount of difficult enemies that are thrown their way. Each enemy type has its own unique attack styles and defenses that the player will need to keep in mind if they want to bring them down. On top of that players will also need to need to understand their own strengths and weaknesses throughout their many different battles.

Without a doubt, the most difficult enemies to face off against in Skul: The Hero Slayer are the bosses that reside at the end of each level. These powerful enemies will be in possession of much more powerful abilities than standard enemies, and those who aren’t paying attention won’t last long against their onslaught. The second boss of the game, the Leiana Sisters, is actually a double boss that will give many players a lot of trouble. This guide shows players how to defeat the Leiana Sisters.


Skul: The Hero Slayer – Preparing for the Leiana Sisters

The Leiana Sisters will attack the player quickly and simultaneously, so it is imperative that the player is able to stay on their toes to avoid their attacks. The sisters are also both humans, so they will be much smaller than other bosses like Yggdrasil, which in turn means that the player will need to be more precise in their actions to bring them both down. Before players can begin worrying about facing off against the Leiana Sisters though they will first need to decide what Skull is the best to use for the fight. Here are a few Skulls that will be very useful in this fight:

  • Mummy – The Mummy Skull is one of the best skulls to use in the game despite the fact that it is very common. It gives the player the ability to attack enemies from afar with its incredibly ranged attacks, but also deal damage while dodging by using its poison cloud attack. The upside to this one as well is that since its main attack explodes the player doesn’t have to worry about being particularly accurate with their attacks to dish out damage.
  • Ninja – Since the player is dealing with two enemies during this fight they will want to be as fast as possible, so the Ninja Skull is a perfect one to have their hands on. This Skull is all about mobility as it allows the player to both jump and dash an additional time, and its skills are also extremely quick to use. Players who are good at using this Skull will easily be able to attack the sisters and move out of the way before they have time to react. The only issue is that it is a unique Skull, so it may be a little more difficult for the player to get their hands on.
  • Samurai – In most situations, the Samurai Skull can be considered a worse version of the Ninja Skull due to the fact that it doesn’t deal as much damage and the player loses the additional mobility abilities. Despite this fact though the player does have access to a skill called Evasion Slash with this Skull that makes it the best Skull to use against the sisters. Once again though the Skull is unique though, so players will most likely have a lot of trouble getting their hands on it.

These three Skulls are by far the best ones for the player to use against the Leiana Sisters, but since Samurai and Ninja are unique players will probably need to settle for using the Mummy Skull. This will serve them very well though, so the rest of this guide will be written with this Skull in mind except for a small section showing how the player can use the Samurai’s Evasion Slash skill to dish out a massive amount of damage against the Leiana Sisters.

Skul: The Hero Slayer – How to Beat the Leiana Sisters

Once the player has acquired the Skull they want for this fight and have made it to the Leiana Sisters’ arena they will then need to get ready for a tough fight. There are two different stages to this fight, and the sisters will switch between them at different intervals during the fight. The first stage has the player fighting against both sisters simultaneously whereas the second phase only pits the player against one of them.

Once the player initiates the fight they will need to be ready to dodge almost immediately. The sisters will appear on either side of the screen and launch bolts of lightning straight at the player. This attack is very fast and there will be two of them simultaneously, so the best way to avoid them is to jump right before they both collide with the player. Right after this, they will both move off the screen and then launch themselves towards the player from the top corners of the screen. They will both end up in the middle of the arena, so if the player can dodge this they will be able to dish out a little bit of damage before the sisters start attacking again.

From here the sisters will move back to either side of the screen and throw more lightning bolts at the player before disappearing again. One of the sisters will then attack from beneath the player while the other will drop down in the middle of the screen. If the player can dodge backward they will be able to catch both of the sisters off guard and deal damage to both of them. Once this attack through with they will then enter the second phase of the fight.

One of the sisters will disappear entirely and the player will face off against only one of them for this part of the fight. The upside though is that the lone sister doesn’t add any new attacks to her arsenal, and is actually pretty slow on her own. This means that the player can use this as an opportunity to dish out a lot of punishment after dodging each of her attacks. Once her health bar is almost entirely depleted though the other sister will rejoin the fight and the pattern will start over. All the player has to do from here is keep the same strategy going, but try to focus on heavily damaged sister to end the fight faster.

Once one sister goes down though the player will have a harder fight on their hand. The remaining sister will recover her health, become much faster, and her attacks will hit much harder. She also acquires a new attack where she slashes several times across the screen to injure the player. If using the Ninja or Mummy Skulls the player will just need to stay out of her way and only attack when they see an opening. If the player has access to the Samurai Skull though this is when they will want to use Evasion Slash. Basically, this skill will make the player invulnerable as they are able to negate the enemy’s attack and then quickly follow up with a counterattack. The player can use this when the final Leiana Sister slashes across the screen to avoid damage and dish out a massive amount back at her. Once she goes down this time she will be down for good.

Skul: The Hero Slayercan be played on PC.

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