How to Defeat Yggdrasil in Skul: The Hero Slayer (Boss Guide)

Action roguelike Skul: The Hero Slayer is punishingly difficult, but players will find themselves deeply rewarded by the game’s intense and interesting combat. Each battle forces the player to think hard about their next move, and grow used to using several different combat styles if they want to survive for very long. Each enemy has the potential to be the one to end a player’s run, so the player must always stay on top of their toes.

While normal standard enemies are bad enough in Skul: The Hero Slayer, bosses can provide a severe amount of challenge for players. Each of the bosses have their own host of abilities and attacks that the player will need to memorize and develop strategies against in order to become victorious. This is definitely the case with Yggdrasil The Elder Ent. This giant tree is capable of dishing out a huge amount of damage. This guide shows players how to bring this boss down for good.


Skul: The Hero Slayer – Preparing for the Fight

The very first boss that players will encounter in the game is Yggdrasil, but they shouldn’t think that this means the boss will be any kind of pushover. In all actuality this boss is actually one of the first real challenges that players will encounter during the game, and it is almost a pretty good indicator of whether or not the player is ready for the rest of the game. Before facing off against Yggdrasil though, player will want to ensure that they have a solid Skull to use against him. There are many choices that can be used against the boss, but here are a few options that make the most sense:

Skul: The starter Skull is actually a great one to have equipped during this fight. It allows the player to keep their distance from Yggdrasil with the throwing skill, but the spin attack can still help the player punish the boss if they get up close. Players can also use their secondary skill to teleport to wherever they threw their Skull. Most likely though the player will want to try and equip something that grants them a little more power than the starting Skull of the game.

Clown: If the player can get their hands on this Skull then this is the one they will want to use, as all of its attacks are ranged ones. This allows the player to never have to get close to Yggdrasil while fighting him. One skill fires two exploding daggers, one throws four standard daggers, and another allows the player to dodge while throwing knives in several different directions. This Skull also allows the player to dash farther distances and avoid damage.

Mummy: While this Skull is only common, it is still a very effective one to use against this boss especially because players can discover it relatively easily. One of its skills allows the player to throw bombs at Yggdrasil, while the other allows the player to release a poisonous cloud of gas in their immediate vicinity. The upside to this Skull is that the player can effectively use these skills while dodging attacks from the boss, and it has a massive range.

Most players will probably wind up using the Mummy Skull for this fight, so this guide will work under the assumption that it is the one being used. The first thing that players will need to keep in mind is that there are two stages of the fight depending on what level Yggdrasil’s health is at, and each of the stages will require that the player employs a different strategy.

Skul: The Hero Slayer – Fighting Yggdrasil

Once the player has chosen their Skull and made it the area where they fight Yggdrasil he will immediately go into the first stage of the fight. Yggdrasil will take up the majority of the middle of the arena, but the player will notice that there are actually two different platforms on either side of him. The player will want to hop on these platforms immediately and begin throwing bombs at the giant tree monster. During this phase, Yggdrasil will only attack the player using his two fists, so staying alive boils down to just avoiding his fists entirely.

Right before he attacks the player will notice that Yggdrasil will raise both of his fists in the air and then slam the down towards the player. A player who is on the ground will find this attack nearly impossible to avoid, so that is why the player will want to stay on either one of the platforms during this phase. When the boss raises his fists in the air, the player should use the Mummy Skull’s poison attack and then run away from Yggdrasil and jump towards the corner of the screen. This will allow the player to avoid taking damage whatsoever from this attack. This is the only attack that Yggdrasil has at his disposal during this phase, so the player just has to keep attacking and dodging in order to reduce his health.

Once Yggdrasil’s health drops a little below half he will then enter his second phase. Yggdrasil will fall to the ground, but the player will see a pinkish sphere of energy form around his head. Both of the platforms will also disappear completely, so the player will now have to face the boss from the ground. Yggdrasil will then launch the large sphere at the player. This orb can track movement, so it is pretty difficult to avoid. There are five smaller spheres that Yggdrasil will throw out in random directions around the arena.

The player will need to wait until the large sphere is thrown at them to run away and then jump over it at the last second. When doing this though they need to make sure they don’t jump or dodge into the path of one of the smaller spheres. By dodging this attack the player will then have time to start attacking again. The player then just has to keep dodging and attacking until Yggdrasil falls down again. This will cause the platforms to reappear and the boss will reenter the first phase again. This time around the phase will be much faster than before, so the player will need to pick up the pace if they want to avoid taking damage from his slam attacks.

He won’t have much health left for this last part, and the player will probably be able to dispatch Yggdrasil fairly easily from here. While this method shows players one of the easier ways to bring down the boss, they do need to remember that they have other options available to them. Other ranged Skulls give the player similar advantages over the massive boss, and it’s possible to bring him down using melee attacks as well as long the player doesn’t mind getting to close. At the end of the day it’s best to use whatever attack strategy the player is most comfortable using during a fight.

Skul: The Hero Slayer can be played on PC.

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