How to Find (& Defeat) Ruin Drake: Earthguard in Genshin Impact

One of the new enemy mobs introduced in Genshin Impact‘s Sumeru update is the Ruin Drake: Earthguard, an Elite Enemy serving as a new member of the Automatons. Slaying one of these mechanical creatures yields Chaos components, Common Ascension Materials required for Ascending the Forest Regalia Claymore, Moonpiercer Polearm, and Sapwood Blade Sword. Accordingly, if Travelers are looking to upgrade these three 4-Star Weapons in Genshin Impact, they will need to know how to find and defeat the Ruin Drake: Earthguard in Sumeru.


Unlike its Skywatch cousins, the Ruin Drake: Earthguard in Genshin Impact does not have wings on its back and is, therefore, subject to fighting only on the ground. While this might seem like an advantage to players with units capable of achieving lots of airtime, it is important not to underestimate the destructive capabilities of this corrupt machine. To defeat this Elite Enemy in battle, players will need to understand its moveset and weaknesses.

First, Travelers can encounter the Ruin Drake: Earthguard in Genshin Impact at multiple locations across Genshin Impact‘s Sumeru region. Several can be found around the southwestern Ruins of Dahri, and another cluster can be discovered dotted about the Ardravi Valley. Some actively roam their spawn point, while others will sit motionless until approached by a player. Suppose players are looking for the exact locations where they are guaranteed to encounter a Ruin Drake: Earthguard. In that case, such individuals are encouraged to refer to the excellent interactive map provided by HoYoLAB.

Defeating The Ruin Drake Earthguard In Genshin Impact

Below is a brief index of every attack or the ability the Ruin Drake: Earthguard is capable of in Genshin Impact. Understanding these moves is essential for defeating the Elite Enemy in battle. Some of the names used in this list are provided by the Genshin Impact Wiki.

Combat Move Weak Spot Vulnerability How To React
Tail Sweep No
  • The drake will swing its tail in a 360-degree spin.
  • This attack can be avoided by propelling oneself into the air or using the dodge move.
Charge Yes
  • The drake will momentarily rear back and charge at the player character with its head slightly lowered.
  • While this attack is active, the head of the beast will glow brightly, indicating that its weak point is vulnerable.
  • Striking this spot will render the enemy temporarily paralyzed.
Headbutt No
  • The drake will perform two sequential uppercuts using its head.
Elemental Confetti Yes
  • Using the last Genshin Impact Element that players attacked, the drake will charge and shower the surrounding area with an AoE confetti-like barrage of Elemental projectiles.
  • This attack can be stopped by striking the shining point on its head before the barrage begins in Genshin Impact.

Sources: Teyvat Interactive Map | Genshin Impact Wiki

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