How To Get Away With Murder: Biggest Shockers From The Series Finale

How To Get Away With Murder ended with a bang, with an explosive series finale after six intense seasons. The show told the life of Annalise Keating, a brilliant yet troubled law professor who took on a group of five students to work as interns with her in her firm as part of their studies. But one terrible and accidental murder turned into the group having to cover up one crime after another.

With Annalise’s knowledge of the law and her penchant for bending it, she knew exactly how to coach the students and manipulate situations so they wouldn’t get into trouble. But eventually, trouble catches up to you.

The series wrapped up plenty of storylines with its final episode. But it was filled with a bunch of shocking moments as well. Fair warning: major spoilers ahead so do not read until you have watched the finale!

10 Annalise Was Acquitted

While it seemed an unbelievable feat for Annalise to pull off, the show wouldn’t be called How To Get Away With Murder if it didn’t end with, well, her getting away with murder. Technically, however, Annalise didn’t actually murder anyone.

It took bribing Gabriel, Nate’s fabricated testimony, a recording that shed doubt on Governor Birkhead, and a passionate and vulnerable closing argument where Annalise admitted to her many faults. But the jury ate it up and Annalise was deemed “not guilty” on every single charge.

9 Connor Went To Prison

In the penultimate episode, we discovered that Michaela had gone behind Connor’s back and negotiated a new deal that would only see her get probation with no jail time. For him, however, it was too late.

But despite his husband Oliver begging to take the stand against Annalise in exchange for Connor not getting any jail time, Connor wanted to take responsibility for his actions and made peace with the decision. He even went so far as to tell Oliver he didn’t love him anymore and asking for a divorce. Thankfully, as we saw in the flash forward, they remained together through thick and thin.


8 Bonnie and Frank Both Died

Arguably the biggest shocker of the episode is that not only did Frank die, but so did Bonnie. Upset after realizing the truth about his real parents, Frank was reeling. Desperate to prove his loyalty to Annalise, he showed up after the trial and pulled out a gun to kill Birkhead. But one of Birkhead’s security detail responded quickly and shot back.

Bonnie noticed Frank in the crowd beforehand and rushed to his side, begging him to stay alive. She was so caught up in him that she didn’t even realize she had been shot, too. Frank perished in her arms, and Bonnie died in a distraught Annalise’s arms mere moments after.

7 Frank Didn’t Shoot Hannah

The penultimate episode ended with the reveal that Sam’s sister Hannah had died from an apparently suicide. But everyone knew better that it was likely murder. But by who? Frank? Governor Birkhead?

Many believed Frank was behind it, fueled by rage when he found out that she was his mother from Bonnie. But in retrospect, it made sense that he wouldn’t kill his biological mother, especially knowing that her testimony would have helped set Annalise free.

6 Governor Birkhead Was Shot

The empty yet determined look on Frank’s face as he navigated through the crowd of people gathered outside of the courthouse as Annalise gave an interview to the press suggested he was out for blood. At first, it seemed he might have wanted to kill Annalise.

But it quickly became clear that Governor Birkhead was the true target, and he succeeded in shooting and killing her. And so ended her story, with no word on whether he dirty deeds were ever uncovered.

5 Nate Didn’t Turn On Annalise

Through much of the series, Nate has had a serious dislike for Annalise, yet he always relented in helping her. In the end, however, despite all of the ways he betrayed her, he proved that he would always be loyal to her. He didn’t rat her out on the stand, more interested in nabbing Governor Birkhead, who was responsible for the murder of his father. Even $20 million didn’t sway him.

We also saw in the end that Nate went on to do good things, setting up a justice center for the wrongfully convicted, likely with the millions of dollars he told Annalise he was still convinced he would get in a settlement.

4 Wes Wasn’t Magically Alive

One of the biggest question marks was that a flash forward to Annalise’s funeral in a previous episode showed Wes walking through the crowd. Wes? Isn’t he dead?

Well, yes, of course he is. We saw his burned body, after all. Turns out that while this was Annalise’s real funeral, it was taking place many years in the future. And that young boy wasn’t Wes at all, but a grown Christopher who apparently turned out to be the spitting image of his father.

3 Jorge Castillo Was Killed In Prison

Despite Nate’s clever plan to try to get Jorge Castillo to testify against the Governor, which included murdering his son and framing the Governor for doing it, Jorge didn’t budge. He pretended not to know her.

In the end, however, it seems Laurel might have had something to do with a brutal stabbing in prison, as we saw Jorge get killed shortly after Laurel told Christopher that she promised they were going to move away somewhere new and there would be “no more boogeyman.”

2 Annalise Mentored Christopher

The series ended with Christopher riding up the school on his bicycle, just as Wes had done. Except this time, he wasn’t attending class, he was teaching it. The very same class that Annalise taught.

He referred to Annalise as his mentor and wrote on the chalkboard, just as she had in the pilot, that essentially the criminal defense class was about how to get away with murder. As he looked into the class, he saw a vision of Annalise smiling proudly at him from one of the seats.

1 Annalise Wasn’t Dead (Sort of)

The biggest question was if Annalise really did die, and the answer was yes, but not exactly as anyone might have thought. The funeral was totally real and was indeed for Annalise. But beside the young photo of her above the casket was another photo out of view showing a much older Annalise.

Clearly about 30 years in the future, the students were now in their 60s or so, and Christopher was a grown man. This means Annalise likely died some time in her 80s, living a full life after the trial. It was a total twist ending no one saw coming.

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