How to Get Every Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley (& What They Do)

One valuable resource that Disney Dreamlight Valley fans will occasionally need during their adventure is Gems or Gemstones. These Gems include Amethysts, Aquamarines, Emeralds, and even Diamonds. These Gems can be sold to Goofy at any of his biome stalls for a reasonable sum of Star Coins. However, suppose Dreamers ever manage to procure the rarer Shiny variant of these Gemstones. In that case, their profit in Disney Dreamlight Valleywill be significantly higher if they choose to sell the precious stone.


While Gems are a decent source of income in Disney Dreamlight Valley, selling them is not the only use these precious stones have in the Valley. Dreamers can also use Gems for crafting various recipes via the crafting workbench. For example, the Green Light Low Beach Torch will require one verdant Peridot as a material. Furthermore, Gemstones are occasionally needed for completing specific quests. For instance, “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101” tasks players with selling Gems at Goofy’s stalls. During “With Great Power,” adventurers will need three particular Gemstones to progress through the Mystical Cave. Moreover, in Mickey’s Friendship Quest “Memory Magnification,” Dreamers must find an Emerald to craft a device to help bring back Minnie Mouse.

The list of Gem-use examples in the game goes well beyond what was mentioned above. Especially since Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in early access, there are likely many cases in which Dreamers will need to procure Gemstones for an objective or activity. Therefore, knowing how to get every Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley will undoubtedly be valuable knowledge for the present and future.

Farming Gems In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Knowing the farming location for every Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be challenging, especially since the organic generation of Gemstones on mineral nodes is somewhat randomized. Fortunately, The Loadout has shared its findings regarding the biomes and their specific Gems:

Gem Resource Possible Farming Locations
Amethyst Forgotten Lands and Frosted Heights
Aquamarine Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor
Citrine Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust
Diamond Forgotten Lands
Emerald Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust
Garnet Peaceful Meadow and Plaza
Peridot Dazzle Beach and the Peaceful Meadow
Topaz Plaza
Tourmaline Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau

Keep in mind that Gemstones can appear in multiple locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and there is sometimes a chance they do not appear. If players diligently comb an entire region but still fail to find their target Gemstone, consider clearing all the mining nodes in the area to enable a refresh. Hopefully, the desired Gemstone will spawn in the next set of mineral nodes.

Source: The Loadout

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