How To Hatch Eggs in TemTem

One central aspect of the indie creature collector TemTem is being able to breed Tems and hatch Eggs. This process enables Tamers to create “perfect” TemTem, which possess optimal stats and characteristics that perfectly fit their type. Of course, such a feat requires practice, hours of experience, and extensive game knowledge of how TemTem are bred and specific information about each species. However, fans of TemTem do not need to go to such lengths to hatch their Eggs, as the main point of this feature is to experiment and have fun.


Breeding and hatching Eggs in TemTem are not activities that Tamers can participate in from the start of their journey. There are several prerequisites that must be met before these gameplay options become available. First, Tamers must unlock Narwhal Airship travel by clearing the first Dojo of the game in Arissola. These Pokémon Gym-style landmarks have several challenges that players will need to overcome, including beating the Dojo’s Master. The Dojo Master of Arissola is Sophia, an opponent who specializes in Water- and Wind-type TemTem. The best way to defeat Sophia is using a TemTem type that counters both Water and Wind — Electric.

Once Dojo Master Sophia has been subdued, Tamers can use the Narwhal Airship to travel to the rest of the compelling world of TemTem. One of the first new areas players will visit is Superior Omninesia, the main island of Omninesia. Here, players can head to the Breeding Center, the central hub for breeding and hatching Eggs in TemTem.

Hatching Eggs In TemTem

According to TechRadar, TemTem Tamers can breed any two TemTem as long as they have a common type and are of the opposite gender. For example, if one monster is a Water- and Wind-type and another is a Wind- and Electric-type, then they are compatible since they both share Wind as a common element. Naturally, two male TemTem cannot procreate, and the same goes for two female Tem. On the other hand, there is a special genderless TemTem known as the Mimit that can breed with any creature of the Normal-type in TemTem.

Breeding typically takes around 25 minutes, after which the Tamer will receive an Egg. They can then incubate this Egg at the Breeding Center to hatch a new TemTem. According to the TemTem Wiki, Eggs can take anywhere between 5 to 45 minutes to hatch, depending on the species’ catch rate. This process resumes in real-time, meaning the Tamer can log out, but the Egg will continue to incubate. After the Egg hatches, its owner can pick up their new TemTem from the Breeding Center in TemTem.

Sources: TechRadar | TemTem Wiki

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    Summary: Temtem is a Pokemon-style creature collecting MMORPG developed by Crema and published by Humble Bundle. Players embark on a journey and collect creatures called Temtem, training them and engaging in two-on-two battles against other players or NPCs found in the world. Temtem also features a full story mode outside the MMORPG where players take on the role of a “Temtem Tamer” as they journey around the world collecting Temtem as they face off with an infamous group called Clan Belosto, inadvertently becoming heroes in the process. Temtem shares several elements in common with Pokemon regarding battling and collecting, but additional features that help it stand out include the ability to decorate homes, go on unique sidequests, and more in-depth character customization. The game initially started as a Kickstarter project that helped it reach early access in 2020, but Temtem finally saw a worldwide release on September 6 2022. Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S Original Release Date: 2022-09-06 Developer: Crema Publisher: Humble Bundle Genre: RPG, MMORPG, Adventure Multiplayer: Online Co-Op, Online Multiplayer ESRB: E10+

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