How to Make an Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber in Minecraft

Making an Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber in Minecraft is a relatively simple process. Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has allowed players to experiment with unique construction projects and innovative ways to travel across the map. One of the more creative methods to traverse the Minecraft world is the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber.

The Stasis Chamber in Minecraft can be an excellent tool to quickly escape a swarm of hostile mobs or return home after a day of mining. While this means of transport lacks the flare of building a flying machine in Minecraft, players will find that the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber is as fun to use as it is handy.


To make an Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber, players will first need to gather nine blocks of any type, one block of Soul Sand, one Sticky Piston, one Water Bucket, a Redstone torch, a Button, and a block of Honey. It is important to note that, unlike in some other projects in Minecraft, the Honey cannot be substituted with Slime. Some optional materials include a lever or solar panel to change the activation mechanism and a fence post to assist with aiming. Players can opt for the challenge of gathering these materials through Survival mode, or they can simply enter Creative for quick access.

How To Make An Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber In Minecraft

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Construction of the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber in Minecraft should not take long once the player has all the materials. They can follow the steps below to finish their creation:

  1. Begin by placing the Soul Sand block on any surface. Open areas are preferred, as some space is needed.
  2. Place the blocks of choice on all four sides of the Soul Sand, stacking them two high so the blocks are one space taller than the Soul Sand.
  3. Place the Sticky Piston on the ground next to one of the blocks, making sure the top is facing toward the Soul Sand.
  4. Delete the bottom block next to the Sticky Piston so there is an empty space between the Piston and Soul Sand.
  5. Pour the water into the space above the Soul Sand, and put the Honey block on top of that.
  6. Set down one final block a space over from the Sticky Piston, and place the Button on top and the Redstone torch on the side facing the Piston.

To use the Stasis Chamber, players will hop on top of the honey block, equip an Ender Pearl, and throw it toward the ground. Players must be careful with their aim, as the placement of the Ender Pearl must be pretty precise for teleportation to work. To help, players can dig one block down and place a fence post. This will essentially create a target for players to aim their crosshair on.

If players prefer a different activation mechanism, the Button can be swapped out with a Lever or a Solar Panel. One advantage of the Solar Panel is that the process becomes automated, though it takes away the ability to self-trigger. For players who might need a visual guide, check out Youtuber CurryKane’s video below.

While the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber in Minecraft is a great tool, it does have one major limitation: players must be within the simulation distance to use the Stasis Chamber. Otherwise, the instant teleportation offered by this fun and effective mode of transport makes it a worthwhile project for any player. On a final note, players should always read up on the newest Minecraft updates to ensure the Stasis Chamber build is still working and does not need to be tweaked.

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Minecraft is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and iOS.

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