How To Unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley who also happen to be fans of Disney’s Frozen will be delighted to hear that Princess Anna is just one of several characters they can bring back to inhabit their villages. Like most other characters in the game, Anna is unlocked by completing a fairly lengthy questline that requires players to invest both time and Dreamlight to complete. However, the rewards are well worth it for players’ progression, and Anna’s presence will undoubtedly help bring some joy as players work to restore the Dreamlight Valley. In Anna’s questline, players will travel to the Frozen Realm and explore Arendelle’s Enchanted Forest in order to help Anna and bring her back to the safety of their Stardew Valley-inspired villages.


Once players have gained access to the Dream Castle that links the Valley with the game’s many other Realms, they’ll be able to access the Frozen Realm. Doing so requires players to invest 4,000 Dreamlight to get Merlin to unlock the middle door on the center tier inside the Dream Castle. The door itself is marked with the Frozen icon and players will know they’ve found the right door if Merlin says it leads to a realm he describes as “a land of fjords and meadows”. 4,000 Dreamlight is a significant amount, particularly early in the game, but players can gradually gather it by completing their Dreamlight tasks, which involve fishing, mining minerals and planting and harvesting crops amongst other things.

Unlike unlocking early characters such as Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Wall-E, there are a few things players should do before making the journey to the Enchanted Forest to make completing Anna’s questline a little easier.

Unlocking Frozen’s Anna

Anna’s questline can be started as soon as players unlock the Frozen Realm in the Dream Castle and journey there. However, some quest objectives require players to collect certain materials which can’t be found in the main village area. Players should ideally progress a bit further after recruiting their first character.

Preparing To Go To Arendelle

The first thing players should do before going to help Anna is to complete the main story quest Friendship Is Everything. Given by Merlin, it tasks players with getting to Friendship Level 5 with three characters, so players will want to brush up on how to level up friendships fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There are a few ways to do this, such as giving favorite gifts, completing quests, and having characters accompany players as they complete their tasks.

Once this is done, players will be able to restore the village’s Pillar of Friendship in the Peaceful Meadow area. Crucially, this lets players remove the thorns blocking paths to the various biomes surrounding the village in exchange for Dreamlight. Some items players need for Anna’s questline can only be found outside the village proper. For expediency in this questline, players should spend 3,000 Dreamlight to access the Forest of Valor east of the village.

Journey To The Enchanted Forest

Once players have made that detour, they can actually start helping Anna by journeying to the Enchanted Forest. Anna can be found waiting there, but naturally, she won’t return to the village without calming the forest spirits and finding Elsa. Ideally, players should increase inventory space in Disney Dreamlight Valleybefore embarking on this quest, as continually going back to sell items to Goofy can get a little tedious.

The Enchanted Forest looks to be in a bad way, and Anna will ask for players’ help in catching Bruni the mischievous Fire Spirit.

Catch Bruni the Fire Spirit

Catching Bruni is a little tricky as the forest is on fire, so players should slip on the Fireproof Gloves gifted to them by Anna and equip their magic Watering Can. With the Watering Can, players can douse the flames, creating a path forward through the burning forest. The path is easy enough to follow. Eventually, players will spot a fire that’s darting away from them, which highlights Bruni’s location. Players can chase after him. Players will likely have seen Disney Dreamlight Valley’s fantasy twist on traditional life-sims by this point, so chasing after a fire spirit isn’t anything new. Luckily Bruni is fairly easily caught.

At that point, players should bring him back to Anna. However, Anna is still adamant about staying to look for Elsa. Players can help her out, but there’s an Earth Giant blocking the path deeper into the forest.

Cook For The Earth Giant

3 Images
Disney Dreamlight Valley Frozen Quest Player Picking Basil
Disney Dreamlight Valley Frozen Quest Player Picking Oregano
Disney Dreamlight Valley Frozen Quest Player Cooking Stone Soup

According to Anna, one great way to get the slumbering Earth Giant to move is to whet its appetite by cooking Stone Soup. For this, players need to collect ingredients: 3 Craggy Rocks, 1 Basil, and 1 Oregano. Craggy Rocks can be found all around the Frozen Realm, but players will have to head back to the village briefly to collect Basil and Oregano. Basil grows in the Peaceful Meadow, while Oregano grows in the Plaza area. These are fairly basic resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley so they aren’t hard to find. With ingredients in hand, players can prepare the soup at the campfire in the Frozen realm.

Place the soup on the stones. A cutscene will trigger and the Earth Giant will move, clearing the path for players to search for Elsa alongside Anna.

Cross The River To Reach Elsa

3 Images
Disney Dreamlight Valley Frozen Quest Player Calming The Water Spirit
Disney Dreamlight Valley Frozen Quest Player Fishing In Frozen Realm River
Disney Dreamlight Valley Frozen Quest Player Crossing The River To Reach Elsa

Players will have to use their shovels to smooth out the path and their pickaxes to break rocks. Eventually, players will reach a spot where they can spot Elsa. Trouble is, she’s across a raging river and there’s no bridge to cross it. The ever-observant Anna will spot that the river is calmer just a little further upstream and suggests that players calm the Water Spirit.

Players should equip their trusty magic Fishing Rod from Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Royal Tools starting quest and fish in the river. This will allow them to catch Anna’s Engagement Ring. She’s not sure why it’s down there, but removing it helps calm the river, so players can cross it and speak to Elsa. Elsa’s busy trying to get Gale the Wind Spirit to calm down, and Anna wants to stick around to help.

Calm The Wind Spirit

Elsa suggests crafting a set of three Wind Chimes for the Wind Spirit to play with and gives players the crafting recipe for Wind Chimes. Players will need to collect 15 Softwood, 3 Iron Ingots and 3 Twine. Elsa will actually give players the twine, so all players need to do is collect the softwood and iron ingots.

This is where all that prep work players hopefully did earlier comes in, as they won’t be able to rely on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s merchants Scrooge McDuck and Goofy to get this stuff. Iron Ingots require 5 Iron Ore each to make at a Crafting Station and unfortunately Iron Ore doesn’t drop when players mine cliffside rocks in the village. It does however drop when players mine cliffside rocks in the Forest of Valor. The Forest also has an abundance of softwood and is key to future Frozen-themed quests.

Hang The Wind Chimes

Once players have collected the ingredients, they can craft the wind chimes and return to Anna and Elsa to hang them up on nearby trees. This will calm Gale down. At this point, Elsa will explain that she wants to stay a bit longer and as such, players will have to do a bit of extra work to get her to return. However, Anna is ready to accompany the player back to the village. Disney Dreamlight Valleydoesn’t feature romances, but that won’t stop Anna who wants to search for her husband Kristoff.

Unlike with Wall-E, players won’t have to pay Scrooge McDuck to construct a house for Anna to live in, as she’ll settle down herself in the Forest of Valor. At this point, she becomes a normal villager, although players will find they’ll need her help with several things, including getting Elsa back to the village too.

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