Intel Confirms Raptor Lake Will Have World’s First 6GHz CPU

At its Intel Tech Tour 2022 in Israel, the American chip-maker confirmed that its upcoming ‘Raptor Lake’ lineup would include the world’s first 6GHz CPU. Intel is expected to launch its 13th-gen Core processor lineup — codenamed ‘Raptor Lake’ – later this year. According to a recent leak, the chips will be announced on Sept. 27 at the company’s Intel Innovation event in San Jose, California. The report further claims that pre-orders for the new chips would start on the same day, while the official launch is expected to happen on Oct. 20.


A recent leak also revealed that the Raptor lake lineup would have 14 different SKUs at launch, including the Core i9-13900K, Core i7-13700K and Core i5-13600K with unlocked multipliers. There will also be a bunch of non-K CPUs with locked multipliers, as well as ‘F’ versions of some of these chips without an integrated GPU. In addition, there will reportedly be at least two low-power ‘T’ series chips with 35W base TDPs targeted at enterprise users. Other leaks have also revealed details about Raptor Lake’s motherboard, RAM and cooler compatibility.

Intel has reportedly confirmed its upcoming Raptor Lake lineup will include the world’s first CPU with a 6GHz stock frequency. The company further claimed that the chip could be overclocked to an astounding 8GHz, possibly with liquid nitrogen. The company also claimed that Raptor Lake would be 15 percent faster than Alder Lake in single-core performance and as much as 41 percent faster in multi-core benchmarks. Another tidbit confirmed by Intel is that its flagship Raptor Lake CPU, the Core i9-13900K, will offer 24 cores in all, including eight performance cores and 16 efficiency cores, with a total of 32 threads.

Raptor Lake Lineup To Include A 6GHz CPU

It is worth noting that the peak 6GHz clock speed for the Raptor Lake is faster than the 5.7GHz boost clock for AMD’s 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 7950X. However, while the SKU mentioned above is the flagship Ryzen 7000 chip, it’s not immediately clear which particular Intel Raptor Lake SKU will come with the 6GHz clock speed. It’s also unclear whether the 6GHz chip will be part of the mainstream lineup or will arrive later as a special edition ‘KS’ variant with an inordinately high price tag.

Intel also reportedly revealed that the Raptor Lake CPUs were never even planned until about two years ago when the company realized its Meteor Lake lineup might not be ready in time. Not much is known about the Meteor Lake lineup at this stage, but rumors suggest that it will use a brand new LGA 1851 socket as opposed to the LGA 2551 that was expected earlier. If correct, it will mean that people wanting to upgrade to Intel’s Meteor Lake chips from Alder Lake or Raptor Lake will also have to invest in a new motherboard.

Source: Andreas Shilling/Twitter

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