iPhone 12 mini Vs. iPhone SE: Best Smaller Apple Phone In 2020?

The iPhone 12 mini is the smallest of the new generation of Apple smartphones with the company having packed a remarkable amount of technology in the device, albeit at a much higher price than the 2020 iPhone SE. For those interested in a smaller iPhone, both are worth considering. Here’s an overview of the improvements with the iPhone 12 mini, as well as a value comparison of these two small and relatively low-cost smartphones.

Apple’s iPhone SE launched earlier this year, with its 4.7-inch display and budget price proving intriguing. It appealed to a different audience than the much larger 6.1-inch iPhone 11 that came before it. The iPhone SE has a single rear camera, but it is the equal to the main camera of the iPhone 11 series. It includes the impressive A13 processor and can handle gaming, video recording and video editing without breaking a sweat. It’s hard to go wrong with such a capable smartphone. A few things lacking in this $399 budget model is the full screen design and Face ID of the more expensive models. Instead, the iPhone SE has Touch ID in the Home button. It’s a very complete iPhone and offers fantastic value.


Apple’s new iPhone 12 mini has 5G capability versus the LTE of the iPhone SE. 5G has not rolled out fully, so that may not be a deal-breaker for the budget phone, particularly when the price difference is considered. At $699. the iPhone 12 mini is $300 more expensive. However, many great features are added for the extra cost. The budget phone uses LCD display technology, but the newer model features the brighter and more colorful OLED technology. The latest iPhone features a new design with squared off edges, just as the iPad Pro does. In a bit of irony, the original iPhone SE had flat edges also, but the new model uses the same rounded design as the iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 mini & SE: Cameras, Display & Colors

The iPhone 12 mini comes with two rear cameras, one wide-angle and one ultra-wide. The wide-angle has better low light capability with an aperture of f/1.6. Of course, the newest iPhone features the latest A14 processor for more speed, but the A13 was plenty fast. The display also has a big upgrade with the iPhone 12 mini. The bezels are thinner making the all-screen design even more impressive. The iPhone 12 mini is actually smaller, despite the larger 5.4-inch screen (versus the iPhone SE‘s 4.7-inch screen). The more expensive Apple phone also includes the latest, bright and colorful XDR OLED display, outshining the older LCD tech of the budget model.

The newer iPhone 12 mini is available in black, white and (PRODUCT) Red, just like the iPhone SE, but the newer model adds two new colors: green and blue. The blue is a rich navy blue and the green is a paler mint green. Having extra choices adds more value, but how much the color matters may depend on whether the user will be putting a case on the new phone. Apple’s improved drop protection may make it less of a concern, allowing the full beauty of the iPhone to be enjoyed. The iPhone 12 mini has much tougher glass called Ceramic Shield, with claims that it has four times better drop protection. That also means the higher-priced iPhone 12 mini may last much longer.

Overall, the question of value is clear, as the iPhone mini 12 is worth the added cost. However, whether an iPhone SE or iPhone 12 mini should be the next purchase for a shopper will likely depend on how much they have to spend.

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