Is Severance Season 2 Heading To The Outside World? Helly Tease Explained

A new teaser for Severance season 2 featuring Helly might suggest that more time will be spent outside the confines of Lumon Industries. Severance debuted on Apple TV+ on February 18, 2022, being met with universal acclaim, with a second season immediately becoming highly anticipated among fans thanks to the cliffhanger ending. After being renewed for season 2 in April 2022, any official discussion about Severance seemed to fall silent. Now, Apple has released a short tease at the end of the Apple Event on September 7, 2022 that confirms season 2 is finally on the way.


The six-second, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teaser features Britt Lower as Helly waiting on a train platform for the doors to open. The train doors bear a striking resemblance to the elevator used to enter and exit the Severed Floor in Lumon Industries, where most of the action in Severance season 1 takes place. In the last couple seconds of the teaser, the entire image glitches and flickers, with Helly disappearing for a moment before returning to the same position. With no dialogue and no further information attached to the trailer, not much can yet be deduced about Severance season 2. However, the teaser does suggest one key aspect of the series going forward.

Since the image glitches during the teaser for Severance season 2, it can be assumed that it’s Helly who is waiting on the platform and not her “outie,” Helena Eagan. This suggests that the “innies,” including Helly, Adam Scott’s Mark, John Turturro’s Irving, and Zach Cherry’s Dylan will find a more permanent way into the outside world after getting a taste of freedom during the finale of Severance season 1. If the group are to find themselves free from the confines of Lumon’s Severed Floor, this raises some important questions that season 2 will need to answer.

What Severance Season 2’s Outside World Plot Means For The Innies

Thanks to the efforts of Dylan in the Severance season 1 finale, “The We We Are,” the other innies were able to spend some time in the outside world. Irving used his time to track down Christopher Walken’s Burt, who he’d fallen in love with inside Lumon, Helly uncovered her true identity as a descendant of the founder of Lumon, and Mark met his sister, brother-in-law, and niece before realizing that his long-thought-dead wife, Gemma, is still alive as a Severed employee at Lumon. If the group find a way to spend more time in the outside world during Severance season 2, these discoveries might be able to be expanded on further and even more secrets could be uncovered.

Severance season 1 was praised for its slow build-up on tension, culminating in that explosive finale, but it seems that season 2 will be premiering with a faster pace and more intensity as the innies try to discover more about who they really are. Mark revealed the innies’ experiences inside Lumon to his sister before losing the connection to the outside world, so the truth is out there and Lumon’s days of operation might be limited. Following on from the cliffhanger ending of season 1, there are many unanswered questions that need to be answered in Severance season 2. However, since no information has yet been released and there’s no confirmed release date, it might be awhile until patient viewers get the reveals they crave.

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