Is The iPhone 14 Waterproof? IP Ratings, Explained

Apple launched the iPhone 14 series at its Far Out event, where it also unveiled several other products, including the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and the most advanced Apple Watch ever, the Watch Ultra. Additionally, the AirPods Pro 2 were also announced at the event.

All these devices are now available on company’s official website. The base iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models are available for $799 and $999, respectively. The Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra start at $399 and $799, respectively, while the AirPods Pro 2 are priced at $249.


All the models in the iPhone 14 lineup, including the regular iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, are splash, dust, and water-resistant. As mentioned on their official listing pages, they were “tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529.” This means that the latest iPhones can survive submersion to a maximum depth of six meters for 30 minutes. Apple doesn’t advise taking the iPhones for a swim, but they should do just fine if they’re accidentally dropped in the pool. It’s worth noting that IP68 has remained the standard water-resistance rating for flagship iPhone models for four years now.

What Does The iPhone 14’s IP68 Rating Mean?

As per the International Electrotechnical Commission, the ‘6’ in the IP rating of the iPhone 14 represents its resistance to ingress of tiny dust particles for two to eight hours. The second number in the IP rating, ‘8’ signifies that the iPhone 14 models are protected against the effects of immersion in fresh water for longer durations, which is 30 minutes in this case. By understanding the IP ratings of their smartphone, users can take the required precautions to avoid substantial repair costs. For example, the OnePlus 10T comes with an IP54 rating, whereas the iPhone SE 3 comes with an IP67 rating.

Users should keep in mind that water resistance is not a permanent condition. Regardless of a smartphone’s IP rating, its effectiveness decreases due to the wear and tear caused by regular usage. Additionally, any damage to the iPhone, such as a hard drop or a crack can cause water ingress. Apple also cautions against users charging a wet iPhone – make sure the iPhone 14 is completely dry before plugging in the charging cable. Additionally, Apple doesn’t cover liquid damage under warranty.

In the past, the Pro iPhone models were essentially maxed-out version of the regular models. However, this year, the gap between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro models is wider than before. All the big upgrades, such as the new A16 Bionic sensor, the interactive Dynamic Island notch, and the new 48MP primary camera, are only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The iPhone and iPhone 14 Plus mainly get incremental updates like Crash Detection, an autofocus front camera, and improved battery life. One area where all the iPhone 14 models are on par though is the water resistance.

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