Is The Murdoch Mysteries Season 8 On Netflix?

Murdoch Mysteries is one of Canada’s most popular exports, but is season 8 of the show available to stream on Netflix? Currently airing its thirteenth season, Murdoch Mysteries is one of the longest-running Canadian TV shows. The CBC period crime drama is set in turn-of-the-century Toronto and stars Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch, a police detective who uses forensic techniques considered radical in his era to solve the city’s most grisly crimes. The Murdoch Mysteries cast also includes Hélène Joy as pathologist Dr. Julia Ogden, Thomas Craig as Murdoch’s boss Inspector Brackenreid and Jonny Harris as Constable George Crabtree.


Over its thirteen-season run, Murdoch Mysteries has received a lot of recognition on the awards circuit and has taken home a handful of Canadian Screen Awards to date. The show also produced several successful web series and aired a couple of crossover episodes with fellow Canadian crime series Republic Of Doyle. As the two shows were set more than 100 years apart, it wasn’t the easiest of fictional crossovers but Yannick Bisson and Republic Of Doyle star Allan Hawco (Frontier) got around it by playing descendants and ancestors of their original characters.

The eighth season of Murdoch Mysteries was a landmark one. Not only did the show celebrate its milestone 10oth episode, the occasion was made even more memorable by Murdoch and Julia finally tying the knot after being on-again off-again since season 2. But the question is: is Murdoch Mysteries season 8 on Netflix? For Netflix USA users, the answer is no unfortunately but Canadian subscribers are in luck as season 8 is available to watch alongside all other complete seasons of Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix Canada.

Canadian Netflixers might want to binge-watch Murdoch Mysteries while they can, however, as it looks like the relationship between CBC and the streaming giant is about to change. Though CBC and Netflix have co-produced shows including Anne With An E and Alias Grace, CBC’s CEO and president Catherine Tait made comments recently that suggested the Canadian network would be focusing on working more with home-grown companies in the future. Whether that will affect shows like Murdoch Mysteries that aren’t co-produced by Netflix remains to be seen but the CBC-Netflix dynamic certainly looks set to change.

There are a few other options for watching Murdoch Mysteries season 8 other than Netflix though. Murdoch Mysteries’ eighth season is available to watch, buy or rent on Amazon Prime, Acorn TV, Hulu, and iTunes.

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