James Gunn Is Developing Another DCEU Project After Peacemaker

James Gunn confirms he’s developing another DC Extended Universe project to make after Peacemaker. Although Gunn got his big break by making Guardians of the Galaxy as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his most recent comic book projects have been with DC. The Suicide Squad was his first foray into the DCEU and gave the writer/director a chance to make a big-budget R-rated movie with obscure DC characters. This included John Cena’s Peacemaker, who will star in a spinoff series for HBO Max.

On top of making Peacemaker for HBO Max, Gunn is in high demand across Hollywood. He’s nearing the start of production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the Disney+ holiday special that arrives in 2022. However, Gunn is also someone Warner Bros., DC Films, and HBO Max want to continue working with. The Suicide Squad earned rave reviews and became the most-watched DC movie on the streaming service, despite underwhelming at the box office. With Peacemaker slated to arrive early next year, fans are quite interested to know if Gunn will do another DCEU project in the future.


Gunn has now confirmed that he’s developing another DCEU project besides Peacemaker. Due to the director’s frequent activity on social media, he’s asked thousands of questions a day by fans. These questions often are about his DCEU future, and he teased on Instagram that he’s working on another project. He said that it was in early development, though, and won’t be announced at DC FanDome 2021. While some fans remained confused about what Gunn could be working on, he confirmed on Twitter that it is a separate project beyond Peacemaker.

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Gunn might not be ready to announce his next DCEU project yet, but he has teased interest in plenty of other DC stories. This goes beyond his desire to make Peacamaker season 2 or a sequel to The Suicide Squad. Gunn has repeatedly mentioned that he’d love to work with Margot Robbie again on a Harley Quinn project. This could be the mystery project that he’s working on. Gunn could also be looking to make spinoffs with other The Suicide Squad characters, such as Idris Elba’s Bloodsport. Of course, Gunn’s unique interests could also mean this is him actually making the Krypto the Superdog project he wanted to make before.

Based on Gunn’s busy schedule, it might be a while before it is officially announced what this new DCEU project is. He’ll be wrapped up making Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 until 2023, so any new DC movie or show won’t come until after most likely. This leaves a lot of time for Gunn to develop the project in secret and announce it when the wait won’t be as long for fans. If Peacemaker delivers a similar experience as The Suicide Squad, then interest in Gunn’s next DCEU project should only grow.

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