Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Boring New Season Of RHOBH

Jennifer Lawrence called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 boring. As a newfound bestie of the Kardashians and an increasingly vocal Bravo aficionado, Jennifer’s not afraid to share an opinion on all things reality television. RHOBH has also steered out of the Bravo-verse and into mainstream pop culture over the last few years with Erika Jayne’s legal scandal and Kathy Hilton’s debut on the Real Housewives spin-off.

In 2018, Jennifer said that she wanted to develop her own reality series, despite her agent’s amusement. Then last August, she was dubbed the ultimate reality TV fan by People.While many still scoff at anyone investing time and brainpower into unscripted television, Jennifer is clearly taking it seriously. Lawrence once told a media outlet that her dream dinner dates would be Luann De Lesseps, Bethenny Frankel and Scott Disick.


Clearly, Jennifer is not as fond of the west coast housewives as she is of The Real Housewives of New York City. In an interview about her new movie Causeway, Jennifer told Variety that RHOBH season 12 definitely isn’t her favorite. She said it’s “not a great season,” and her biggest problem is that it’s “boring.” Her co-star Brian Tyree Henry co-signed many of these opinions with his facial expressions but was hesitant to chime in fully–that is, until Variety asked him and Jennifer whether Kathy should stay or go, and both answered with an emphatic “stay.” Jennifer will probably agree with Paris Hilton and side with Kathy once the drama with Kyle Richards finally unfolds in the next episode of RHOBH. SignificantCamel8516posted the clip on Reddit, which can be viewed below:

I bet Erika is more happy Jennifer Lawrence knows who she is rather than what she said about her. from RHOBH

RHOBH is a franchise known for saving face. Los Angeles–and, even more so, Beverly Hills–is all about appearances and reputations. With that comes endless politicking and niceties. Compared to Jennifer’s potentially favorite franchise, RHONY, this makes RHOBH a little stiff. The comparison speaks to an age-old rivalry between the bi-coastal metropolises. New Yorkers seem proud to be themselves, while many Los Angelenos seek external validation, especially newcomers and media industry folks. This cultural dichotomy leads the RHOBH cast to also seek approval from Hollywood and the elite. With their tails between their legs and their pinkies in the air, however, there’s a significant risk of being boring. RHOBH season 12 has had some exciting moments, but they all often seem overproduced and inconsequential.

While Jennifer wasn’t thrilled with Erika or Sutton Stracke, they’ve arguably been some of the more authentic and interesting characters in RHOBH season 12. Erika may not be interested in the moral high ground amid her husband’s legal scandals, but she certainly isn’t tip-toeing around maintaining a good reputation. Meanwhile, Sutton has had no qualms about going to bat with Diana Jenkins, Lisa Rinna and Erika. If Jennifer wants a more exciting RHOBH season 13, she might look closer at the unapologetic housewives she’s giving the cold shoulder.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

Sources: Variety, SignificantCamel8516/Reddit

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