Jersey Shore: Ronnie Ortiz Magro Misses Court Hearing For Recent Arrest

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Ronnie Ortiz Magro did not show up for his court hearing for his recent arrest. Ronnie was arrested in April for domestic violence allegations involving his now-fiancé, Saffire Matos. He was later released on $100,000 bail.

Ronnie has had a history of legal issues involving domestic violence. Viewers of the show may recall his toxic relationship with his ex and baby mama Jen Harley. The two were each arrested on numerous occasions following disagreements that turned physical. Their last known incident was in 2019, which led to yet another arrest for Ronnie. He was then sentenced to a 36-month long probational period. Jen was recently arrested for a domestic battery incident involving her new boyfriend.


Ronnie was still on his probational period during the time of the Jersey Shore star’s recent arrest. Because of this, Ronnie was scheduled for a court hearing on Friday, July 23. According to Us Weekly, Ronnie did not show up to his court hearing. Prosecutor Heidi Matz mentioned in court, “I find that offensive that everyone has to be here except the defendant.” Ronnie’s attorney, Leonard Levine, allegedly cleared up the confusion with Heidi. He claimed that Ronnie’s absence was simply a “misunderstanding.”

Leonard explained, “I had told the prosecutor he was not going to be in court today because it’s a misdemeanor, and you don’t have to appear on a misdemeanor; your attorney can appear for you.” The court was ultimately okay with Ronnie’s reasoning for not being present. The court hearing was then pushed to August 11, during which Ronnie is expected to attend. In the meantime, Leonard is “working out a resolution of the case with the city attorney.” It is expected to be settled when Ronnie appears in court in just a few weeks. Originally, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office planned to sentence Ronnie to 30 days in jail, but there’s a chance he’ll be allowed to attend a treatment program instead of serving jail time. Leonard claims Ronnie has taken part in a 30-day inpatient program. Now Ronnie is attending outpatient meetings with the program three days a week.

According to his attorney, Ronnie is doing just fine amid his legal troubles. He has been seeking the help he needs in order to fight his mental health battle. Ronnie is eager to seek a resolution to this matter in order to move forward with his life. At the time of his arrest, Ronnie did not face any criminal charges, which is why this hearing was solely regarding his probation violation. Both the Jersey Shore star and his attorney are hoping this will all be settled on August 11.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8pm on MTV.

Source: Us Weekly

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