Jessica Andrews Actor Wants A LaRusso Reunion In Cobra Kai Season 6

Robyn Lively wants to return as Jessica Andrews in Cobra Kai season 6 for a Daniel LaRusso reunion. The Karate Kid sequel series now streaming on Netflix has become a huge hit for how it continues the original movie canon. This includes featuring Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), the stars of the first movie, in the lead roles. Cobra Kai has continued to bring back familiar faces as more seasons have been released, including season 5 diving deep into the Karate Kid 3 cast list to feature Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), and Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively).


The big surprise for Cobra Kai season 5’s cameos came with Robyn Lively returning as Jessica Andrews. Whereas Terry Silver was in season 4 and marketing materials confirmed Mike Barnes’ return, Jessica Andrews’ return was kept a secret. Lively played the character who became a good friend of Daniel’s in The Karate Kid III. The show revealed that Jessica Andrews is Amanda LaRusso’s cousin and included her for a single episode when Amanda, Samantha, and Anthony take a quick trip to get away from Daniel. It was a quick appearance for Lively but one that viewers still enjoyed.

In a new interview with CBR, Lively opened up about returning for Cobra Kai season 5 and expressed her hope to come back in season 6. The actress has one very specific goal for a potential appearance in Cobra Kai season 6. She wants Jessica Andrews and Daniel LaRusso to reunite on screen for the first time in over thirty years. “That’s what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping for scenes with Ralph, with Daniel. Jessica and Daniel need to share the screen again, for sure.” So far, no official announcement for Cobra Kai season 6 has been made by Netflix.

Cobra Kai season 5 might have been the first time audiences have seen Jessica Andrews in decades, but the show indicated that she still had a role to play in past events. The series confirmed that it was Jessica who helped set up Daniel and Amanda. Lively’s Cobra Kai season 5 cameo also clearly was not the first time Sam and Anthony met their aunt, so it would seem likely that she and Daniel have interacted since Karate Kid 3.

Since audiences have not seen that history, letting Lively and Macchio share the screen again in Cobra Kai season 6 would be a great moment. It will not be too surprising if Jessica Andrews returns now that she has been properly reincorporated into the franchise. With Sean Kanan also wanting Barnes to return, it is possible the two Karate Kid 3 stars will reunite in Cobra Kai season 6 and give Barnes a chance to apologize to Jessica Andrews about how he treated her too.

Source: CBR

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