Joker vs Joker Just Gave DC Its Own Revenge of the Sith-Style Battle

This post contains SPOILERS for Harley Quinn: The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham #1 and Harley Quinn season 3

In DC’s new Harley Quinn comic tying into the HBO animated series, Joker battles a version of himself in a Revenge of the Sith-style duel. Having become the Mayor of Gotham in Harley Quinn season 3, Joker intends to throw himself a massive party in a new story featured in the new Harley Quinn: The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham #1. However, an old friend from college has shown up out of the blue (and Mayor Joker isn’t too happy about it).

Continuing a series of tie-in comics from DC Comics, The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham #1 is an anthology issue comprised of several short stories, each one focusing on different characters as they’re seen in the animated series. As such, “Two Jokers” comes from writer Jamiesen Borak and artist Jon Mikel. While the story features Joker’s time in office after being elected in the show, it’s also a parody of the Three Jokers series by Geoff Johns and by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson where Joker was revealed to have been three different men all along.


Gifting himself the key to the city, Mayor Joker announces that his office will be throwing the first ever Joker-bration in honor of the former Clown Prince of Crime himself. However, a second Joker rolls into town, apparently an old friend of Mayor Joker’s from college who looks to be based on the Joker played by actor Joaquin Phoenix. Despite being friends back in the day, Joker and Joker soon end up being at odds with one another resulting in a duel with the keys to the city. It also features some hilarious references to Revenge of the Sith as the two Jokers duke it out.

Jokers Have Revenge of the Sith Duel

While the two Jokers seemed evenly matched (despite one having the high ground over the other), their duel ends when the Comedian Joker discovers a photo Mayor Joker still kept from their days in college. Reminiscing about the past and their third Joker pal based on Jared Leto’s version of the Clown Prince, the two Jokers decide to stop fighting and be friends again. To that end, the Comedian Joker becomes the entertainment for Mayor Joker’s party, potentially teasing a future role for the alternate Joker in the animated series if he decides to stick around.

At any rate, the reference to Revenge of the Sith during the Joker duel is one of the most hilarious moments in the entire issue. Despite not saying anything that directly ties it to the Star Wars franchise, “having the high ground“has become an iconic (and highly memed) phrase synonymous with the third prequel film, making it perfect for their already satirical parody battle. Harley Quinn: The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham #1 is on sale now.

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