Keanu Reeves Already Has The Perfect John Wick Replacement Lined Up

Actor Keanu Reeves already has the perfect franchise lined up to follow on the heels of John Wick. Reeves is the star of numerous films over the last four decades, playing aloof comedic characters, dramatic parts, and a plethora of action/sci-fi roles that have helped define his career tremendously, making him a staple star of the genre. The actor’s first big action role came in the form of 1991’s Point Break, then 1994’s Speed, before solidifying his status as a bona fide action star with 1999’s The Matrix.


Since then, Reeves has dabbled in other genres, including horror, fantasy, and animation, but his most significant part in the last decade is no doubt the John Wick franchise. Created by Derek Kolstead and directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, the John Wick franchise kicked off in 2014, continuing with 2017’s John Wick: Chapter 2, and most recently with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. The actor will reprise the role again in 2023’s John Wick: Chapter 4, as well as an already planned John Wick: Chapter 5, which will continue the franchise well into 2025. It’s unclear how far the series will go, but Reeves has been quietly building up his next franchise that will no doubt capitalize on his action star status in the biggest way yet.

Reeves is the co-creator of a comic book called BRZRKR, which is co-written by Matt Kindt (Mind Mgmt) and drawn by Ron Garney, which tells the story of an immortal warrior fighting his way through time to the modern era, where he struggles to understand who he really is and why he has the superhuman strength and immortality that has kept him alive for centuries. Despite being excessively wounded to the point of decimation time and time again, B(as he’s referred to)is brought back over and over to fight again, taking him to the current era where he’s used as a weapon by the government. It’s the perfect evolution of all of Reeves action roles to date, combining the elements of action, sci-fi, and the comic-book genre to form the perfect John Wick follow-up.

How BRZRKR Can Perfectly Replace John Wick For Keanu Reeves

BRZRKR is an ongoing title published by Boom! Studios, which is currently in the midst of its main story. B is drawn in Reeves’ likeness, as the actor has meant for the project to be a feature film that he would star in. Writer/director Mattson Tomlin (Mother/Android) is writing the live-action version of BRZRKR, which will also have an anime series, both of which will debut on Netflix. The story itself spans centuries, which opens up the door not only for Reeves to play the character for a very long time (and in many different eras), but it also allows a number of different creative talent to be involved as a result, which makes it that much more viable in the long run.

The key to BRZRKR‘s success in replacing John Wick, in the long run, is that it capitalizes entirely on what Reeves has already built. As an action star, an actor, and a collaborator, BRZRKR represents the culmination of decades of work that builds upon Reeves’ own foundation. Action, drama, sci-fi, and a high-concept hook make BRZRKR the perfect jump for Reeves to take after John Wick (or perhaps between). The actor isn’t getting any younger (although it’s barely noticeable), but he’s in the perfect place to kick BRZRKR off and usher in a powerful, exciting, and brutally violent follow-up to the John Wick franchise, that could easily outlast it given the durable concept.

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