Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker Show PDA At U.S. Open

Kendall Jenner of The Kardashians was spotted packing on the PDA with her boyfriend Devin Booker at the U.S. Open. Kendall and the Phoenix Suns player have been dating for about two years. The pair have typically been very private about their romance.

Kendall and Devin reportedly broke up in early June, soon after they attended Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding together. However, shortly after the split news came out, they were spotted having a friendly hangout. Days after spending Independence Day weekend together, Kendall promoted Devin’s NBA 2K23 video game cover on her social media. The more time they spent together, the more it appeared they weren’t just friendly exes, but had reconciled. Now, they’re making their relationship status clear.


Pictures of Kendall and Devin at the U.S. Open were posted by TMZ on Monday, September 12th. The two celebs were photographed kissing and canoodling throughout the men’s finals on Sunday. The very much on-again Kendall and Devin also appeared to lovingly gaze into each other’s eyes. In one picture, Kardashians star Kendall sweetly caressed her 25-year-old boyfriend’s chin. When they weren’t showing PDA, the two were seen cheering on the Carlos Alcaraz versus Casper Ruud match. The outlet reported that this public display of affection came after the two were spotted at tons of different events over the weekend. Though Kendall is taking a break from modeling, she and Devin still attended New York Fashion Week. Before that, they were in Los Angeles, where they appeared at the launch party of the NBA 2K23 game she previously promoted on social media.

Kendall has always been the most private of the KarJenner sisters. In the past, her relationships have been the polar opposite of the PDA-heavy Kourtney and Travis. Her NBA star beau wasn’t seen, and rarely even mentioned, on the first season of the family Hulu series. However, there was a scene of mom Kris Jenner trying to encourage the 26-year-old to have children, as she is the only sibling without them.

The KarJenner family typically uses their reality TV platform to correct and control certain narratives. So, it’s possible Kendall will take the opportunity to clarify on-camera if she and Devin ever actually broke up. While they both attended Kourtney and Travis’ Italy-set wedding, it’s unclear how much of that event will be shown. Last season, Kendall made headlines for how she chopped cucumber, and for her sympathy towards Scott Disick. Fans will have to wait and see if she gets more open and more personal in the future.

The Kardashians season 2 premieres on Hulu September 22nd.

Source: TMZ

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