Kevin Owens Shoots On The Most Shocking Part Of Karrion Kross’ WWE Return

Kevin Owens is one of the best talkers in WWE today, as evidenced by his recent run-ins with Austin Theory and Drew McIntyre on Monday Night Raw. He’s equal parts entertaining and tenacious, and when he gets on a roll, few in the industry are better on the microphone. The former Universal Champion has a lot of things to say about numerous members of the WWE roster, including the recent Friday Night SmackDown addition, Karrion Kross.

Since re-debuting in early August, Kross has made a splash on the blue brand. He’s been eyeing a feud with McIntyre since before Clash At The Castle. He will likely get that after attacking the former No. 1 contender on the September 9 episode of SmackDown. McIntyre came up short in his bid to end Roman Reigns’ historic championship reign at the most recent premium live event, and Kross seems to believe that it’s his time to take a run at The Tribal Cheif. To do so, he’ll need to get through Drew, who has been white-hot since Triple H took over for Vince McMahon at the end of July.


Owens recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump and weighed in on the most surprising part of Kross’ re-debut on SmackDown. “Karrion Kross, out of left field, came back with a head full of hair. It was shocking. Very interesting decision on his part, I think. I think he completely destabilized… he shifted everything. Karrion Kross showing back up? Shocking as it is. Full head of hair?! Couldn’t believe it.” Johnny Gargano was also a part of the live YouTube broadcast and agreed with The Prize Fighter’s comedic assessment of Kross’ comeback.

Kevin Owens Is A Blast On Live Broadcasts

KO has been engaging the killer instinct that made him such a force to be reckoned with during his NXT days, but he’s still capable of having fun in these situations. Whenever Kevin Owens is talking, fans are entertained. Such was the case with this episode of The Bump. The audience was asking for Owens and Gargano to be brought back on soon, and that’s because the two of them were having a blast together on the show.

As for Kross, odds seem good that he’ll have a featured match with McIntyre at the upcoming Extreme Rules premium live event. It might be tempting for WWE to thrust them into a dangerous match immediately, but that might be blowing this feud off before it has a chance to grow into something special. Those two could be the leading men on SmackDown while Roman Reigns works his shorter schedule, and they have a chance to settle into those roles in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Owens seems to be hanging around just outside the main event scene while feuding with Theory.

Source: WWE’s The Bump/YouTube

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