KUWTK: Kylie Jenner Is Having A Quiet Makeup Launch According To Fans

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans have a theory that Kylie Jenner is staying quiet about her upcoming makeup launch after the Astroworld tragedy. Kylie, who is expecting her second baby with musician Travis Scott, was present at the rapper’s concert that turned into a disaster on November 5. While Kylie, her sister Kendall and daughter Stormi were unharmed at the event, a deadly crowd surge led to 10 fatalities and hundreds of injuries. Travis is now receiving major backlash as fans believe he failed to stop his music festival when the crowd became dangerous. Kylie was also called out by fans for posting videos of an ambulance in the Astroworld crowd. The makeup mogul announced in an Instagram story that she and her man were “broken and devastated” following the tragedy.


Since her response to the Astroworld incident, influencer Kylie has been silent on social media. Kylie’s unplanned hiatus from Instagram is an unexpected move because she often relies on her 282 million IG followers to promote her many business ventures. The young businesswoman shows off every launch from Kylie Swim, Kylie Baby, and her most famous line, Kylie Cosmetics, with internet-breaking IG posts. Her recent Halloween collection launch even got some backlash after the star posed in some gory promotional photos.

Because followers are used to Kylie’s typical Instagram roll-out for new launches, fans were surprised to see what looked like new Kylie Cosmetics products on display without an announcement from the CEO. “Kylie cosmetics holiday collection?” one Reddit user on r/KUWTK captioned a photo of Christmas-themed makeup in a Kylie Cosmetics store display. As Kylie is known for unveiling a holiday collection each year, the pictured reindeer-inspired products are different from Kylie’s Grinch-themed collection of 2020. The never-before-seen makeup has fans wondering if they missed an announcement or if one was given at all.

Fans think Kylie is quiet about her latest makeup release due to the bad press she has received after the Astroworld tragedy. As many have slammed Kylie for appearing to not care about the victims, fans agree that promoting a new line may not be the best PR move for the young mom at this time.  “Products were made months before release, so it’s reasonable,” one Redditor said of a hush-hush release, “otherwise they would have to throw them in the trash.” An anonymous tip from celebrity gossip page @deuxmoi lines up with fans’ theory about Kylie. “Popular celeb that’s baby daddy recently did something wrong is doing a silent launch for the holiday beauty collection,” the site teased. The tip alleged the “debate to cancel” the launch entirely is still ongoing, but “no promotion by the a-lister will happen.”

Fans are skeptical if the Kardashian-Jenners will recover from the disaster at Astroworld. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians family has been called insensitive for going about their business while being connected to such a devastating incident. There’s no telling how momager Kris Jenner is working to fix things behind the scenes while Kylie continues to take time away from social media.

Source: r/KUWTK, deuxmoi/Instagram

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