L.A. Law Sequel: 10 Best Episodes Of the Original Series, Ranked According To IMDb

It was recently announced that ABC has plans to create a TV sequel to the 1980s legal drama L.A. Law with Blair Underwood set to reprise his role as litigator Jonathan Rollins. The popular original series ran for eight seasons from 1986 to 1994, including 171 episodes. Over that span, the series earned five Golden Globes and six Primetime Emmy Awards.

The L.A. Law sequel will revolve around a new crop of lawyers working in the City of Angels, but will likely feature cameos from the show’s most iconic characters as well.

10 The Princess And The Weiner King (S1E4) 7.4

After being rattled by an audience of young law students during a guest lecture, Leland McKenzie (Richard Dysert) fosters a grim outlook on the legal system. Meanwhile, Grace (Susan Dey) begins to express her feelings for Michael (Harry Hamlin) despite being engaged to another man.

The heart of the episode, however, revolves around Victor’s (Jimmy Smits) attempt to defend a young woman who shot and killed her brother after years of sexual abuse.

9 God Rest Ye Murray Gentleman (S5E8) 7.5

The Season 5 Christmas episode of L.A. Law was jam-packed with drama. When Roxanne’s father Murray suddenly dies of a stroke, the entire law firm is shaken up. Elsewhere, Mckenzie opts to represent Rosalind when she’s arrested in a fraudulent savings-and-loan scam.

Meanwhile, Victor is upset for having to defend his own legal partners in a case in which a doctor sues them for wrongful termination over his facial disfigurement. After Rollins and Brackman hypnotize a client to rid his Tourette’s Syndrome, C.J. throws a Christmas office party where Grace dresses as Santa.


8 Pump It Up (S5E10) 7.5

The personal and professional come crashing down on one another in Pump It Up, an episode in which Leland’s secret affair with Rosalind is discovered by Ann and Stuart.

As Michael grapples with his jealous feelings over Grace, Victor loathes himself for accepting a case to defend a sociopathic killer who may have perjured himself under oath. As Becker defends a young divorcee in a case against her elderly millionaire husband, he’s too distracted to notice his surprise 39th birthday party.

7 He’s A Crowd (S5E12) 7.5

The punny title He’s a Crowd refers to the multiple personalities of an alleged murderer Michael is forced to defend in the 12th episode of Season 5. Matters are further complicated when his client is prosecuted by Tommy Mullaney’s ex-wife, Zoey (Cecil Hoffman in her series debut).

Elsewhere, Abbey and C.J. share an awkward but tender kiss when they’re after-work dinner turns romantic. When Leland’s client faces a business threat, he asks Rosalind to assist him with the case.

6 Gibbon Take (S1E8) 7.5

Grace faces public humiliation when her jilted fiance tells the press that she left him at the altar for a man dressed as a gorilla. This dampens Michael’s desire to make his relationship with Grace public when it’s implied he was the one in the gorilla suit.

On the legal side, Victor defends an arrogant drug dealer who thinks he can pay his way out of a criminal charge. When Abby (Michele Greene) assists Arnie (Corbin Bernsen) in a case involving children, she can no longer hide the fear and anxiety she feels over her missing son.

5 Watts A Matter? (S4E18) 7.5

Airing almost one year before the notorious Rodney King event, the prescient Watts A Matter? episode of L.A. Law has the more single votes than any other on this list.

The episode features systemic racism within the L.A.P.D., leading a black family to sue over excessive force when the police mistake their residence for a crack house. Judge Grace Owens grapples with the proper sentencing of an 8-year-old drug mule who shot and killed a cop after the officer confiscated his delivery package.

4 The Venus Butterfly (S1E9) 7.6

In The Venus Butterfly, Arnie and Stuart stress out over the complicated tax case involving a dashing polygamist (Joe Mays) and his 11 wives. As Arnie begins to pine for his new lawyer, Lynette (Sela Ward), the polygamist teaches Arnie a new sexual position.

The real drama arrives when Grace is forced to prosecute an AIDS-ridden gay man who killed his ill lover as an act of mercy. Abbey continues to search for her missing son, which she is constantly reminded of by another legal case involving abused children.

3 Good To The Last Drop (S5E16) 7.6

A lot of drama transpires in Good to the Last Drop. In terms of personal events, Grace learns that she’s been impregnated by Victor. Meanwhile, Rosalind accidentally plummets to her death when stepping into a vacant elevator shaft.

In legal terms, Victor attempts to keep a hospital’s malpractice a secret when a woman sues over a wrongful hysterectomy. Zoey is stressed out over taking dual cases, one involving a fatal drive-by shooting and the other involving the robbery of an old man.

2 Justice Swerved (S4E17) 7.7

When a couple is accused of murdering their mentally impaired infant, which they maintain was a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Victor helps tries the case for willful wrongdoing. As Stuart drives to meet Ann for a midday tryst, he is pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.

Elsewhere, Leland implores Douglas (Alan Rachins) to visit a female sex therapist (Robyn Peterson) to help rekindle his carnal desires.

1 Pilot (S1E1) 7.8

The pilot episode of L.A. Law tops them all. The inaugural episode introduces the sunny L.A. setting and cast of characters of the Mckenzie, Brackman, Chaney, and Kuzak law firm.

The firm is shaken when one of the founding lawyers, Norm Chaney, suddenly dies. Junior partner Michael Kuzak steps in his place and defends three men accused of raping a cancer-ridden woman. Victor Sifuentes joins the firm as a public defender, while divorce attorney Arnie Becker takes advantage of his latest female client.

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